Kinetic RT® Upper Body Kit

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Includes: 4 levels of resistance, 2 handles, door mount, 2 wrist straps, 2 adjustable multi-purpose straps for ankles or pole attachment, mesh carrying bag

Resistance Bands for Upper Body Strength Training

The Kinetic RT® Upper Body is a great tool for upper body strength training. These resistance bands provide 4 levels of resistance for targeted workouts for biceps, triceps, shoulders, back and core muscles.

GREAT FOR ATHLETES who train to increase upper body strength, power, flexibility, and sports endurance.

PERFECT FOR FITNESS ENTHUSIASTS looking to tone and sculpt their upper body, burn calories, and/or increase cardio endurance.

MULTIPLE LEVELS OF RESISTANCE that can be used individually or together in many combinations to provide the right resistance level you need to meet your training goals.

Each set is easy to transport and includes:

  • 4 long resistance bands, each of which are 4 feet in length (55 inches tip of clip to tip of clip) with different levels of resistance: Yellow (5 lbs), Green (7 lbs), Red (10 lbs), Blue (15 lbs)

  • Handy mesh travel bag

  • Two comfort grip handles

  • Over the door mounting attachment

  • 2 wrist straps for additional upper body training
  • Two adjustable multi-purpose straps that can be used as ankle straps for leg and hip adduction and abduction or to attach around a pole

  • Video training segments for your arms, chest, back, shoulders, and abs

Add the Black/Pro Level Band (25 lbs) for just $9.95!

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