Soccer Dynamic Warm-Up

A dynamic warm up in soccer is a sequence of soccer related movements performed in a controlled and systematic fashion to prepare the body for performance. These soccer warm up exercises apply to anyone who wants to perform at their peak level in soccer, whether it's gearing up for practice or just before game time. Myosource Kinetic Bands can be used in soccer training for men and women, boys and girls, regardless of the athlete’s age (we recommend ages 7+) or ability. These videos demonstrate how to do a dynamic warm-up using Myosource Kinetic Bands (resistance & exercise bands for your legs) to get your body in performance mode quickly and safely.

Soccer players should begin a game or training session totally ready to perform at maximum intensity. Many athletes tend to just go through the motions during their pregame warm-up and can benefit greatly by performing calculated moves with resistance to fire the muscles needed to compete at a high level.

The focus of a Soccer Dynamic Warm Up should be to prepare soccer players for their upcoming action. We use Myosource Kinetic Bands to apply resistance to each movement, which will force soccer players to move properly in order to take advantage of each exercise instead of just going through the motions. Using Myosource Kinetic Bands while performing these soccer warm up exercises can help keep the hips in line, firing the muscles in the hips, legs and the core plus it provides a great cardio effect.

Warm Up Exercises For An Effective Soccer Dynamic Warm Up

1. High Knees: Knee drive: Good start to activate the muscles in the legs and hips.

2. Butt kicks: Hamstrings.

3. High Knee Lift: Quad and Hip Flexor Stretch.

4. Hurdler/Lunge: Helps with range of motion.

5. RDL/Birdfeeder: Hamstring; Balance.

6. Toy Soldier: Hip flexor; Range of Motion

7. Ladder Scissors: Hip stability; Hip rotation; Balance; Footwork; Helps to increase intensity and athletic movement

8. Iky Shuffle: Quick First Step; Fast Feet; Coordination; and Balance.

Each of these drills should be performed forward and backward and/or laterally in both directions. Athletes should perform each drill resisted (with the Myosource Kinetic Bands on) and then repeat unresisted (without or unclipping the Kinetic Bands).

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