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Wrestling Power

Wrestling Power to Overcome Your Opponent

Wrestling requires intense muscle power. Working out with the Myosource Kinetic Bands will give wrestlers the opportunity to mimic their wrestling movements with resistance to place tension on the muscles for increased flexibility, balance, strength, endurance, and power. Wrestlers use their entire body when performing wrestling moves, so it is important to train properly, building great technique and form for great power. Performing a lot of exercise reps will increase a wrestler’s endurance, balance, and stability for successful escapes and other scoring skills. Wrestlers who have functional muscle power, as well as being flexible, will have a larger advantage over the competition.


Wrestling Power

What is Muscle Power?

Muscle power is the ability of a wrestler to get the work done within 6 minutes to either pin their opponent or outscore their opponent to win the match.  When a wrestler builds strength that does not necessarily mean the wrestler increases power.

Plank and Hop Duo – Wrestling Partner Drill:

  • The wrestlers will put on the Myosource Kinetic Bands.
  • The wrestler will get with a partner. One wrestler gets in the “plank position” while the other wrestler will stand with side to his partner in order to hop over. The purpose of the "plank position" is to work a wrestlers core. 
  • The standing wrestler will bring their right leg and foot up to hop over their partner that is in the “plank position”. As soon as the right foot lands on the other side then immediately hop back over with the left leg and foot. Remember to use explosive hops to increase muscle power.
  • The wrestler will work on driving their hips, thighs, and quads up to build more power and explosiveness.
  • The wrestler will continue hoping over their partner for 20-30 seconds.
  • Next, the standing wrestler will stand to the side of the partner in the “plank position” but will be facing him.
  • This time the hoping wrestler will hop forward on the right leg over his partner and then immediately jump backwards over his partner using his left leg. It is important to get the hips, knees, thighs, and quads up high so that the partner in the “plank position” is not kicked.
  • The wrestler needs to remember this drill is meant to build strength and explosive power so do not just step over, but jump for greater results. This combination of two plank hop over’s should be performed with both partners wearing the Myosource Kinetic Bands for resistance tension.
  • The wrestlers will then switch positions. One of the great benefits of this drill is that both partners are building strength. The wrestler in the plank should not let his core touch the floor. 
  • The wrestlers will unhook their resistance bands and stand with their feet a shoulders width apart to perform explosive forward jumps down the mat. The wrestlers will drive through the hips, up through the abs, into the sternum.
  • The benefits of this drill is for the wrestlers to be able to explode with power when they end up on the bottom during a wrestling match. They will be able to catch their opponent off guard when they explode and turn to get a reversal by taking control of their opponent.


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