Wrestling Training & Conditioning Using Resistance Bands

Increase Mat Speed

Mat speed involves the combination of quickness, power and explosion. Wrestlers with great technique will be very successful, but adding speed, quickness, explosive power and overall athletic speed on the mat will build on that success. More take downs, escapes, reversals and the ability to defend an aggressive wrestler will be enhanced with speed. The Kinetic Bands are a great training aid for wrestlers; helping them train effectively by adding resistance to every phases of speed and agility training. Remaining mobile while challenging the wrestler with resistance allows you to train effectively and maximize training time.

Increase Agility and Quickness

Moving quickly while maintaining balance and stability will help a wrestler become and stay competitive. Changing direction and body position with flexibility and strength will put a wrestler in position to better control a match and gain the advantage. The Kinetic Bands are great for developing hip and hip flexor strength, stability and flexibility.

Enhanced Endurance

Strength and power are keys to wrestling success. Adding a higher level of muscle and cardio endurance will complete your ability to perform at high levels on the wrestling mat. The Kinetic Bands challenge each movement; applying resistance and forcing the athlete to work harder, increasing the muscle and cardio endurance, giving the wrestler an edge during each period and most importantly near the end of the match.

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