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Wrestling Takedowns

Mastering Wrestling Takedowns

After wrestlers learn the proper technique and form for their stance they will learn the wrestling takedown. There are a huge variety of styles and types of takedowns in wrestling that are put in combination moves. Styles of wrestling takedowns generally focus on what part of the body a wrestler is going after on their opponent. For instance, a wrestler will use the penetration step when they are focusing on the lower portion of their opponent’s leg for control.

How Can Kinetic Bands Improve Wrestling Takedowns?

Wrestlers use the Myosource Kinetics bands to become more agile, quick, flexible, mobile, balanced, and explosive. When wrestlers train with the Myosource Kinetic Bands they are able to increase their strength, power, and speed. Wrestlers need strength to be able to lift their opponent and drive them to the mat for a takedown. The Myosource Kinetic Bands are also used by wrestlers for developing their core muscles for lifting their opponent during a takedown. Often, a wrestler is able to get their opponent off balance by focusing on a body part, but they also lift their opponent so that their opponent has no way to gain control. Wrestlers who use the Myosource Kinetic Bands build stable muscles and work their joints, tendons, and ligaments to prevent or decrease injury. The Myosource Kinetic Bands allow wrestlers to use their own body as their resistance during training. This is great for wrestlers because they compete at their weight level.


Other styles of low-level takedowns include the following:

  • Wrestling Low Single – wrestler’s focus on taking hold of their opponents foot or ankle for control to take their opponent down.
  • Wrestling Single Sweep – wrestlers use an outside step to gain control of their opponent by sweeping to grab their leg and circling.
  • Wrestling Trips – wrestlers use their own leg to control the legs of their opponents by performing an inside, outside, or sweep tripping motion.
  • As wrestlers get bigger and stronger they use middle and high level takedown attacks such as the sweep single, double leg, high crothe, and fireman’s carry.

Example of Wrestling Takedown / Shooting:

Wrestling Penetration Step: The penetration step is performed by wrestlers of every level and should be a skill that wrestlers continuously work on to perfect. The basic penetration step is where a wrestler attacks the leg of their opponent. Practicing the basic penetration step while wearing the Myosource Kinetic Bands is a great way to build strength with resistance while performing a wrestler’s everyday routine.

  • The wrestler will put on Myosource Kinetic Bands.
  • The wrestler will get in their staggered foot position. The front leg is where a wrestler gets penetration. Using the back leg will waste time and give a wrestler’s opponent the split second they need to make their move.
  • The wrestler is also in the neutral position. The neutral position is where both wrestlers are in the upright standing position, but neither wrestler has control of the other.
  • The wrestler uses their back leg as their power when they move downward toward the mat. The wrestlers who set their feet for stability and balance have an advantage over their opponent. 
  • The wrestler will lower themselves downward by bending their knees and keeping their core and upper body strong with a straight back, head up, and the abs flexed. The goal is to get low while maintaining form.>
  • The wrestler will use their back foot to push their weight forward to take a long step forward. This step should be at a comfortable distance out in front of each wrestler where they are able to maintain balance and stability. When a wrestler’s step is too long it will give their opponent the opportunity to get a hold of their front leg faster.
  • The wrestler will pull their body over their knee while dropping their front knee down to the wrestling mat. If the back knee remains on the mat, only graze over the mat as the wrestler shoots.
  • The wrestler will bring their back leg forward to take a step upward. The goal is to return to the wrestler’s feet as fast possible. When the back leg comes forward then the knee will quickly graze the mat and the wrestler will step up to get back into their stance. This puts wrestlers in position to circle around to finish the takedown and control the opponent.
  • The wrestler must learn great form and technique so that the takedown or the penetration shooting step becomes natural and routine. Proper technique and form includes bending the knees, keeping the back straight, the head out, and the hands out away from the body.


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