​BASEBALL STRENGTH ADVANTAGE - Myosource Kinetic Bands / Resistance Bands

​BASEBALL STRENGTH ADVANTAGE - Myosource Kinetic Bands / Resistance Bands

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 29th Apr 2014


Baseball statistics are kept for a reason. The baseball player with great stats and best performance makes the best baseball team during baseball tryouts. It is time to be the baseball player who every baseball team, trainer, coach, etc. is looking for. Baseball players use their entire body to play their sport. Baseball players must be able to produce speed when running the bases, tracking down a fly ball in the outfield, or digging a ground ball out of a hole on the infield. The legs and the core must be strong enough to get a great jump when stealing a base, diving back to a bag and for great lateral moves on the baseball field. The best baseball players work their legs and core so that they are able to develop exceptional hip rotation and in order to produce the explosive moves that coaches and scouts are looking for. Using resistance training to warm-up, stretch, and practice will help baseball players build the extra strength needed to be a great asset to their team and to advance to the next level. Coaches are looking for the baseball players that they can’t keep off the field because they make things happen and take care of business.

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The great thing about resistance band exercises is that baseball specific skills can be mimicked during practice to be performed exactly as they will during a game. Adding resistance band exercises provides the extra benefit to increase the length of stride in order to steal bases, charge a slow roller, and beat out the competition for the spot you want. The competition in baseball is fierce and having an advantage to be an explosive baseball player will make a huge impact. Resistance band exercises / resistance band workouts will enhance baseball workouts while baseball players are sprinting, fielding, hitting, pitching, or throwing. Utilizing resistance bands to warm up, stretch, and practice builds strength and endurance. When the resistance bands / kinetic bands are taken off the baseball feels light weight and explosive.

Baseball Workouts - Core Strength:

Baseball players have to be strong enough to endure baseball tournaments every weekend during baseball season and many games during the week for High School and College level baseball. A lot of baseball games are played during both the fall and the summer and it takes a toll on the body. Many baseball players fail to realize that core stability, excessive glutes strength, and strong hip flexors are key in baseball. The legs transfer power through the core and the core transfers power through the arms for throwing hard. Pitchers, catchers, infielders and outfielders all need to take leg and core strength seriously to become more elastic to reach their potential. A great strength and conditioning baseball training program with resistance bands is also a great way to reduce the chances of injury. Resistance allows body movements to work the entire body so that even the smaller muscles are worked instead of the larger one’s that baseball players generally focus on. A baseball player needs to increase their strength, flexibility, stability and endurance to excel.

No matter what position you may play on the baseball field it is essential to be able to move in all directions in order to field the baseball, tag a runner out, or make a play on a base. If a baseball player is unable to control their body because they are weak in the legs and core then difficult plays will be few and far between and the routine plays will suffer. Baseball players who have strong legs and a strong core will be able to dive for a gapper, charge a bunt, and move in any direction necessary to make plays. Quick feet and quick hands separate the good baseball players from the great baseball players.

Baseball Workouts Ethic and Focus:

It is easy to tell when a baseball team is focused and ready to play. Work ethic, the ability to focus and being self confident give baseball players the momentum they must have to win. Let’s face it, playing to win is the goal and maintaining a great hitting streak and preventing as many slumps as possible keeps a team positive and on task. Confidence is different from cocky. Confidence is working hard and believing that a team will be successful. Working out with resistance training helps baseball players build the proper strength to stay balanced and in control as well as increase speed.

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