CHEERLEADING TRAINING - Cheer Jump School - Higher Jumps - Better Stunts – Myosource Kinetic Bands

CHEERLEADING TRAINING - Cheer Jump School - Higher Jumps - Better Stunts – Myosource Kinetic Bands

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 16th Feb 2015

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Cheer Jump School was designed to help cheerleaders utilize Myosource Kinetic Bands for higher jumps, better stunts and safe landings. Many cheerleaders incur injury when they are unable to land appropriately. The bands prepare the lower body for balanced and safe landings. Myosource Kinetic Bands are used as a great training aid for Cheerleaders to build explosive strength in the legs, hips, and glutes – to activate and engage the core, increase flexibility, improve balance and endurance.  Myosource Cheer Kinetic Bands kit also includes a "free" stretching stunt strap.  The stretching stunt strap allow cheerleaders to stretch without putting any unnecessary stress on joints as well as to use for working on scorpion and heel stretches.  

Myosource Kinetic Bands allow cheerleaders to put on the bands and practice all their skills and stunt training just as normal in order to maximize their training time for maximum results. Cheerleaders all over the world are using Myosource Kinetic Bands to jump higher and perform great looking stunts that are making coaches take notice. Cheerleaders need explosive core and hip power and the bands will activate all the muscles in the lower body and lower core causing the muscles to contract and react with any movement. The muscles are working against the resistance / tension. When the bands are removed cheerleaders feel lightweight and are able to explode off the ground.

We offer great training videos that will help enhance cheer jumps and skill quickly. For more great cheer training visit our website at 

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