Dancer - Increase Flexibility in the Hips and Inner Thighs - Body Conditioning for Dancers

Dancer - Increase Flexibility in the Hips and Inner Thighs - Body Conditioning for Dancers

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 13th Jul 2016

The video above is of Dancer Jade (#dancer.jade) using Myosource Kinetic Bands at the beach working on flexibility, balance, strength, and endurance all while doing something she loves!!  A dancer must master the execution of jumps, leaps and turns by conditioning the body for peak dance performance.  Body conditioning for dancers is a necessity. 

It is no secret that flexibility is essential for dancers.  The goal is to be able to dance with full range of motion without feeling pain or straining the muscles.  The greater a dancers level of flexibility is the better the form, technique and the ability to prevent injury.   Dance performance counts on the flexibility, balance and body control of the dancer.

It is important for dancers to perform dance stretches in their outer hips and inner thighs thoroughly to perform dance moves smoothly and with grace.   The hips are being used constantly while dancing and in return the muscles in the hips get tight so flexibility exercises are essential. #dancer.jade is a firm believer in body conditioning for dancers.

It is also very important to perform flexibility exercises in the inner thigh area because they are often weaker and cause dancers to put excess stress on the hips and lower back. 

Using Myosource Kinetic Bands to perform dance stretches and flexibility exercises in the inner thighs will help distribute the pressure put on the lower back.  Make sure as a dancer to use correct form when performing dance stretches and flexibility exercises. Perform stretches correctly in order to open up the body and set certain times for just working on flexibility. We suggest a dynamic warm up routine before any kind of activity. 


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