Flexibility and Conditioning for Gymnasts

Flexibility and Conditioning for Gymnasts

Posted by Claudz on 4th Mar 2020

Gymnastics is one of the most popular sports in the world. It requires strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and body control. There are different classifications of gymnastics:

  • Artistic
  • Rhythmic 
  • Acrobatic 
  • Aerobic 
  • Trampoline 
  • Tumbling 


These classifications involve different types of equipment that gymnasts use, such as vaults, uneven bars, balance beam, parallel bars, hoops, ribbons, and many more. It is very important for every gymnast to perfect their skills and techniques in order to have an outstanding performance. 


Gymnastics is a highly physical activity, that is why as a gymnast, you need to have proper discipline as you continue to advance through the various levels. As you advance, the work load increases.


The Importance of Flexibility for Gymnasts

There are different classifications of gymnastics and each requires different levels of flexibility. As a gymnast, you should focus on your flexibility and body conditioning in order to master the skills and techniques with grace and ease. 

You should invest time and energy to improve your flexibility so you can advance to the next level until you reach the maximum tolerance in terms of flexibility without injuring yourself. As with flexibility, static stretching is what most gymnasts do at first, and this is when you hold your stretching position, split for example, for a certain period of time. You should only go as far as you can, in stretching, without pain. As you progress, your level of flexibility also advances. 


Maximum Benefits of Kinetic Bands® for Gymnastics Training and Conditioning Exercises

Just like any other sport, gymnasts also undergo rigid training and exercise to help them build and improve their flexibility in order to deliver their skills and techniques flawlessly. That is why our leg resistance bands provide a smooth and consistent resistance to your body movement. And since they are lightweight and portable, you can bring them anywhere so you won't miss a training session.

Perfecting your routine requires flexibility, agility, and of course, balance and coordination. As you do your turns, leaps, artistic stunts and tumbling routines, it's very important that you master your routine and have full body control and flexibility while maintaining full range of motion. Conditioning your body using Kinetic Bands will help you improve your performance. 


Flexibility Exercise Tips:

  • Always remember to stretch your groin. This is an area that does not receive much attention. Simple exercises using the Kinetic Bands, like a butterfly stretch or basic groin stretch, will develop flexibility in the groin area. During these exercises, keep your back straight to work back flexibility at the same time. 
  • Stretch the quads and calf muscles with exercises like sitting in a pike position. Grab your toes while keeping your legs straight and pull your toes toward your chest. Another great exercise is standing on one foot and grabbing the other foot and pulling it up to your butt. Holding this position will stretch the quad while also improving balance. 
  • Stretch your back by holding a backbend, walking your hands toward your feet for increased flexibility. A more gentle stretch would be child pose with your arms extended straight out in front, and also moving your arms slightly to either side. 



We hope this article and the tips mentioned here will help you achieve your dreams in gymnastics. Let us know your goals, and we'll help you start on the right track to becoming the gymnast you want to be!


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