How to Maintain Your Running Fitness during Winter

How to Maintain Your Running Fitness during Winter

Posted by Claudz on 21st Jan 2020

For a lot of people, running is a soul therapy. It gives you relief and a sense of peace. Running helps clear your thought of any negativity. That is why whenever we are discouraged or burdened, we run the mile! Though it won't erase your problems, running will help soothe your tired soul. Thus, runners benefit a lot from running, not just for their physical strength in preparation for their competition, but also emotional and psychological stability. 


Though running is an integral part of a runner's life, let's face it. It's very difficult to maintain your workout routine as a runner when snow is slowly piling up outside. Winter presents a lot of challenges that hinder athletes to do what they're normally doing for their training during the warmer months. The icy weather outside poses a lot of risks for runners. While indoor workouts, like running on the treadmill, is also a good option during winter, most runners dislike it because of the monotony of the routine. 


There are runners who just don't like to sacrifice running outside during the cold months, but they need to maintain  consistency during training, no matter the season. Even though winter is a challenging season for every athlete, it shouldn't stop you to maintain your running workout. There are other ways that you can try in order to maintain your training consistency. 


Strength Training during the Off-Season

If you can't run outside because of the snowy weather, you can do strength training. You can accomplish this at the gym or at home, when it's really impossible to go outdoors. With just your bodyweight, you can build strength. If you want to do strength training at a higher level without needing to use heavy machines, all you need is a couple of handy but trustworthy pieces of workout equipment. They are portable and light weight so you won't have any trouble bringing them with or storing them after your workout. 


You can also do resisted running in place, such as high knees. It is a great option for an alternative to running. Step ups, lunges and other exercises at a high rep speed can also be a great benefit. The resistance with the Kinetic Bands will challenge every rep, allowing you to maximize your training time. 



This is a great alternative when running is not an option during the colder months. You can do cross-training activities that are equivalent to your running routines. Just choose what type of training you are most comfortable with and dive in!


Some examples of cross-training are cross-country skiing, cycling, swimming, aqua jogging and elliptical machine exercises. 


Maintain Your Consistency

While winter can be very challenging for most of us, with the right mindset and determination, it's not that difficult to continue your workout routine. You can still run outside if you really want, despite the weather. Just do it at a slower pace and don't force yourself to run the normal mileage. Don't forget to wear your winter gear to avoid illness or injury. 


On the days that running outside is not possible, strength training and cross-training workouts are great alternatives. Winter doesn't mean you should slack off at home. There are many ways you can complete a workout with minimal equipment, like resistance bands.

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