Softball Strong  - Catcher Strength Performance workout for explosiveness

Softball Strong - Catcher Strength Performance workout for explosiveness

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 12th Oct 2016

The video above is a great example of a “Softball Strong” Catcher Strength Performance workout for the legs, hips, glutes, thighs and core. A softball catcher’s explosive movements are achieved when she has strong muscles that fire quickly.Slow reaction time does not generally result in an out.It is very important that softball catchers develop strong and fast movement skills.A softball catcher who develops as an athlete will show her success on the field.For a softball catcher every strength performance workout matters.

It is important to for softball catchers to both mentally and physically prepare. Neither a parent nor a coach can put in the hard work hard for you or ultimately make the decision for you. There are softball players that thrive off of every challenge and others that seem one step behind.So the question is what is the goal? This is different for different softball players; for some it is playing in high school, others it is playing on a top travel ball team, and for most softball players it is reaching a goal to play in college. These goals will never be met without putting in the time to working on strength performance workouts.Softball catchers, pitchers and field players must choose taking to take the steps to reach their goals.Competitive softball is not for the weak.It takes catchers, pitchers and field players who are strong enough to endure practice after practice, after game and all the personal / individual strength training.

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