Sprint Speed & Agility Training with Myosource Kinetic Bands/ Resistance Bands Acceleration Speed Cord

Sprint Speed & Agility Training with Myosource Kinetic Bands/ Resistance Bands Acceleration Speed Cord

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 8th Jun 2018

This video was the fifth sprint from the 50-yard line to goal with this 200-pound dude attached to this athlete and she stated that he was killing her!  He was there to assist in this over speed speed training and to keep her moving. Having a helper is great for improving athletic skills. He is not only assisting her with the Acceleration Speed Cord but also encouraging her throughout the sprint speed & agility drill to drive her legs to work through the resistance.  

This Myosource Kinetic Bands Acceleration Speed Cord training sprint is being used to increase speed by forcing the muscles to accelerate and be activated quicker by the resistance. The harder the athlete works against the resistance the faster their muscles will be able to activate during their athletic performance. The goal here is to become quicker in straight away sprints. She is mimicking the body posture and form that she used in a race, which increases muscle fire in each movement. Notice how she drives her body forward working through the resistance explosively. This type training is great for all types of athletes.

All an athlete needs to perform this training is an Acceleration Speed Cord  and a coach/parent/teammate etc. to help assist. The athlete explodes into a sprint while the assister runs behind them with the cord allowing the resistance to stay strong. The assistance will continuously maintain resistance in the cord.

Notice in this video that this is the 5th performance of this drill. This is definitely as strong as the first because the Speed Cord is causing the muscles to react and contract as the athlete works against the resistance. It is important for each athlete to maintain great form and footwork during these speed-training workouts so the body performs like it trains. Partners need to make sure they move with the athlete to maintain the greatest resistance for the athlete to increase explosiveness. 

Athletes should perform this speed training resisted and without resistance. Athletes can also add multiple lateral movements such as side shuffles and backpedaling to increase mobility and transition power.  The goal is to challenge the muscles to react as quickly as possible to build strength and speed.   An athlete who is able to explode while maintaining great body control and form will challenge themselves to expand their athletic ability.   Start intensifying your speed training with Myosource Kinetic Bands Acceleration Speed Cord. 

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