Arm Fitness Workout - Build Arm Strength and Shoulder Strength with Myosource​ ArmPro Bands

Arm Fitness Workout - Build Arm Strength and Shoulder Strength with Myosource​ ArmPro Bands

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 9th Mar 2015

Being a fast pitch softball catcher is hard work. It is one of the most difficult spots to play on the softball field. Fastpitch softball catchers are responsible for calling pitches, catching each pitch properly, blocking, throwing base runners out and are the eyes of the team because they see the entire field from their position. This is all performed while wearing heavy gear making it even harder to move around.

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In the video above these ladies are performing arm workouts and should strength workouts by performing a throwing motion with no pop up. Obviously Softball Catchers need Arm strength and shoulder strength for throwing. Myosource Armpro bands are a great tool for fastpitch softball catchers and all other softball players to use while sitting in their primary or secondary catching stance. A great advantage of Armpro bands is that there is no pop up needed while performing arm and should strength training. The clip can be put on a fence or catchers may use the anchor strap around a pole or fence and connect the clip to the D ring. This is all placed low so that no pop up is necessary. Catchers may also put on Myosource Lower Body Kinetic Bands to work the lower body and core at the same time for a full body workout.Working through the resistance is great for arm and shoulder strength training workouts so that catchers are able to throw harder and with more accuracy. 

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