Baseball - Prepare and Protect the Body by strengthening all the muscles and learn about the latest Improved Helmet to protect the head

Baseball - Prepare and Protect the Body by strengthening all the muscles and learn about the latest Improved Helmet to protect the head

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 9th Jul 2013

Myosource Kinetic Bands for the Muscles, Joints, Ligaments, and Tendons:

As a parent, I know we all worry about our children and the injuries that are possible in sports. Two sports workout and equipment providers have ways to help protect our children, teens, and adults. Who doesn’t want the best protection possible?


Myosource Kinetic Bands are a way for athletes to use their own body weight to strengthen their muscles throughout the body, which helps prevent injury. The bands strap around the knees allowing child athletes, teen athletes, and adult athletes to warm up, stretch, and train while applying resistance to each muscle during each movement. The resistance bands allow baseball players and all athletes of all ages to Work the lower body, core, and upper body all at the same time. This helps the prevention of pulled muscles and we all know a pulled muscle puts a player on the bench and in pain. The bands do not limit or restrict any movements therefore each muscle is building strength, power, flexibility, mobility, endurance, speed, and elasticity. When athletes are in a game, match, or set their muscles are ready for the wear and tear and this helps prevent those dreaded muscle pulls, rips, strains, and sprains. These resistance bands are also great for rehabilitation for injury. Athletes all over the world are using Myosource Kinetic Bands to work their rotator cuffs and for full body muscle rehabilitation which helps speed up recovery. Prepare your muscles and prevent short and long-term injury that can take you out of the game or struggle physically in everyday life.

New Improved Baseball Batting Helmet:

In baseball a huge concern is the baseball hitting a child, teen, or adult in the head.  We do not see an over abundance of news articles or stories on the news about a child or teen being hit in the head with a baseball but it does occur and when it does it can cause severe problems. Just ask emergency room staff.   Thousands of these accidents occur each year.   A lot of power goes behind a ball that a pitcher pitches and one single pitch can cause a lot of damage to the head.  None of us want our children  or loved one to experience pain, let alone head and brain damage that could affect them ongoing.  

Concussions are no laughing matter. A lot of athletes of all ages suffer from damage caused by a concussion they incurred during a sport. So why not make sure you or your child is as safe as possible? This just makes sense. The great news is that “Rawlings” has improved their baseball helmets. These baseball-batting helmets have been designed for all age brackets that can encounter higher speed baseball pitches. They range from the ability to take on 70 mph hits to 100 mph hits. This provides a great opportunity for all of us to protect our children and for adults to protect themselves on a higher scale.

Benefits of the New Rawlings Batting Helmets:

• Protects against 70-100 mph pitching speeds – formerly 68 mph was the highest speed protection
• Coaches, Parents, and Players are becoming more aware of headgear safety for baseball
• These helmets are available for “ALL” levels of baseball
• Weight and Size adjustment is minimal
• Comfortable Fit

Take advantage of these great ways to protect the body and the brain in baseball.

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