​Baseball Training with Myosource Kinetic Bands / Resistance Bands

​Baseball Training with Myosource Kinetic Bands / Resistance Bands

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 4th Jun 2014

Alright baseball players, today we are focusing on tools to stay loose and help build speed.  It is time to perform some great baseball drills and increase that speed for all those upcoming baseball games.  

High Knees:  With Myosource Ultimate Kinetic Bands around your legs, drive those knees up and run about eight to ten yards. Make sure your legs are exploding up and you're moving quickly. This is going to get your heart rate up and your legs loose.  Speed drills with Myosource Ultimate Kinetic Bands allow baseball players to get results in less time.  

Butt Kickers:  This will give your hamstrings some attention. You're going to run for those eight to ten yards, but this time drive your feet all the way back to your butt.

Reverse Hurdle Walk:  Moving backwards, work the resistance by moving your legs in a wide motion. At the end of that eight to ten yards, make the same wide motion with your legs, but move forward.

Glute Walk:  With your legs spread wide, move side-to-side in a shuffle motion.

Jumping Squats:  Now you will be in a stationary squat position. You're going to jump up as high as you can, bringing your legs up to your chest. Do this five times.

Remember, these drills are designed to get the blood flowing and the heart rate up. 

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