Cheerleading Fitness Workout– Stonger Legs for Higher Jumps and Kicks

Cheerleading Fitness Workout– Stonger Legs for Higher Jumps and Kicks

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 9th Jul 2013

Myosource has a series of cheerleading videos to help cheerleaders utilize Myosource Kinetic Bands / Cheer Jump Bands to improve their strength, power, flexibility, stability, balance, endurance, form, and explosiveness. Cheerleading gets more competitive every year and cheerleaders are looking for ways to improve their jumps and overall cheerleading skills. Cheerleaders do so much more than just cheer for their team. Cheerleaders are athletes and there is a huge demand for great strength training.

Cheer Bands jumping is a vital part of cheerleading and great jumps capture the attention of an audience. This Myosource Kinetic Bands  / Cheer Bands Video focuses on leg strength for higher jumps and higher kicks. In order to nail a great stunt or jump it takes strong quads, hamstrings, thighs, hips, and glutes. Adding resistance to workouts and exercises will improve overall strength in less time. Practicing jumps over and over can only take you so far. It is time to add resistance to your training, which will allow you to use your own body weight to perfect your jumps. Training and conditioning with the Kinetic Bands / Cheer jumps is smooth and consistent so  the muscles are able to stretch and flex as they get stronger.  The Myosource Cheer Pack includes a set of lower body kinetic bands / cheer bands and a "free" stretching stunt strap. The cheer bands can be added to any warm up, stretching, and training which makes increasing muscle strength convenient and inexpensive.

The potential for injury is high in cheerleading so it is important for cheerleaders to take every precaution possible to build the strength in their quads, hamstrings, hips, thighs, and glutes to perform routines, stunts, drills, tumbling runs, and jumps. If a cheerleader is weak in any of these areas the potential of injury increases. In order to prevent injury train with Myosource Kinetic Bands / Cheer Jump Bands to get stronger and more flexible.

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