Conditioning Drills To Help You Become A Better Basketball Player

Conditioning Drills To Help You Become A Better Basketball Player

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 19th Sep 2019

Being good at basketball is an edge, and being on a team is another milestone. If you are good at playing this sport, you'll eventually get noticed by your school's basketball team. You can even set goals to play in college if your skills are top notch.

As with any sport, basketball not only requires excellent shooting skills but also strength and endurance to stay in the game. If you lack these traits, your basketball career could be on the rocks!

There are some basic conditioning drills that basketball players can do to help them become a better athlete. And pairing these drills with resistance bands or Kinetic Bands® will add more power and explosiveness to their game. 

Let's dig in.


Chimney Jump

Using your agility ladder, jump up into each rung with both feet while making sure your knees are up to your chest while doing each jump until you reach the end of the ladder. Repeat the same process again. 

The Chimney Jump is great for conditioning your quads and developing explosive power. 


Hopscotch Jump

This is like playing hopscotch, but this time, you will use an agility ladder. You can start with both feet inside the first rung of the ladder, then hop out of the rung with one foot on each side of the ladder. Do this quickly until you reach the end of the ladder then repeat the same process going backwards.

This drill focuses on the hamstrings and change of direction.


Toe Taps

Toe taps strengthen the muscles in the lower body. It also helps improve foot speed and is a great conditioning exercise. You can do toe taps on stairs, benches or other low raised surfaces. 

With your leg resistance bands on, alternate tapping your toes on the object in front of your quickly. 


Cone Weave Drill

This drill increases your speed and agility while maintaining control and balance at the same time. 

Set up a row of quick feet training cones, 1-2 feet apart. Then do a side-step movement like a zig zag, going from one cone to the other. Stay in a half-extended squat while doing this drill so that your leg muscles are engaged. Once you reach the last cone, weave your way back to the start. 


Bicycle Crunch

This exercise is one of the most effective abdominal exercises and helps build a strong core. This can also be a good alternative to sit-ups. A strong core is essential to becoming a better basketball player.

Lie flat on the floor with your knees bent and your hands behind your head. Bend one of your knees, while straightening the opposite leg. Rotate your core as you try to touch your knee to the opposite elbow. Add the Kinetic Bands for an extra burn!


There are an array of conditioning drills to help you improve your basketball game. Just choose what's best for you in order to achieve maximum results. If you want to get some guided assistance on how to start, just drop us a message so we can provide you with the assistance you need. 

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