Fitness Workout - Stay Motivated  - Get Healthy

Fitness Workout - Stay Motivated - Get Healthy

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 13th Jun 2014

Motivation to workout out can be one of the most difficult elements in order to get healthy. You know you have a lot on your to-do list, your tired, you have no motivation to workout and you somehow manage to find dozens of other reasons why you shouldn't push through and "get after it." Remembering a few key principles and practices will go a long way in helping your motivation to workout and get healthy, dump the excuses and accomplish some incredible health and fitness goals.  

Set Small Goals to Get Healthy

You might have heard it before, but setting smaller, more reasonable goals make them easier to accomplish. As you accomplish smaller goals you can expand them to make them more challenging. If you wanted to lose weight and do not have motivation to workout  and I told you to run1 mile, everyday, Monday through Friday - you'd laugh in my face. But if I told you to walk at the mall or around the neighborhood for 30 minutes, Monday, Wednesday, Friday - that is more doable. As your general fitness increases to get healthy, you can go from walking, to jogging, to running and you'll find motivation to work out along the way because your goals are attainable.  It is like setting a goal to lose 50 pounds seems impossible so the motivation to work out may not be there, but setting the first goal to losing 5-10 pounds is much more attainable and makes a person build their motivation to work out and eat healthy by reaching their first goal  

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Find a Workout Partner

Working out with a partner is a great way to increase your motivation to work out and eat healthy food.  There is more at stake when it is not just your workout. You now have someone else who is counting on you to help them accomplish their goals. This two-way, instant accountability that is created will help get you outta bed, in the gym and motivated to work out. You'll be able to encourage one another, challenge one another, eat healthy food together, and find victory together. So, stick together to increase your motivation to workout.

Add Variety to your workout routines

No one likes the same workout routine day in and day out. In fact, no one likes the same anything - so make sure you add variety to your workout routines. Stifling weight routines, running routes or exercise programs will suck the motivation out of you faster than you can break a sweat. So vary the types, length and days of your workout. Consider adding yoga if you have never tried it. Even professional athletes in the NFL do yoga. Try plyometric workouts, workout DVD's, alternating between machines and free weights and always add resistance band training / kinetic bands to all your workouts. By injecting some variety into your workout routines you can avoid the lack of motivation rut and actually enjoy your workout routines.

Reward Yourself

I was a bit hesitant to add this for fear that someone will use it as a creative license to sabatoge their progress. But, make note. I am not advocating you workout for an hour and then enjoy a pizza, burger or any of your other secret indulgences. The key is to reward yourself in a healthy food way or other healthy reward. If you accomplish your goals, give yourself a small stipend to purchase some new clothes, schedule a vacation day, have a healthy dinner on the town or invest in that healthy hobby. If you want to grab that favorite food or drink, do so in moderation. Excessive, non-healthy rewards will put you on a yo-yo. Any progress you make will be counteracted by the junk rewards and you'll never make any real progress, stalling you well short of accomplishing your goals. Incorporate that healthy food you love. Eat fresh fruit and fresh vegetables. You will feel great and be proud of yourself.

Remembering some easy principles and practical approaches can help you find and maintain motivation as you pursue your health and fitness goals. Start with small goals, find a workout partner, mix it up and reward yourself with healthy food and other healthy bonuses. While it may seem difficult at first, the ever elusive motivation is well within your reach.

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