​Football Drills - Four Cone Pointer Sprint Training Drill

​Football Drills - Four Cone Pointer Sprint Training Drill

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 8th Jun 2014

It is the off-season, a perfect time for sprint training conditioning. Today, we are working on increasing agility, speed, and reaction time with our Four Cone Point Drill.  This football drill is great for sprint training, speed training, and developing great lateral cuts.  

Four Cone Pointer Drill.

  • Make a large square out of speed drill cones.
  • Spread them 8 to 14 yards apart.
  • When the coach points to a certain cone, run, shuffle latterly, or back peddle to that speed cone.
  • fter you've done this a few times, bring the football into the exercise.
  • Use this exercise as practice for covering up fumbles.
  • Make sure to do this drill with Myosource Ultimate Kinetic Bands 6 to 8 times and 4 to 6 times without the bands. You will feel lightweight and explosive. 

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