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Fast Feet Footwork Specialist - Slow Feet Don’t Eat – Speed & Agility Resistance Training with Myosource Kinetic Bands

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In this video these athletes are performing hill speed drills to get their feet moving fast.  These athletes are training to perform with the best and they are working diligently to complete their fast feet speed drills with Myosource Kinetic Bands.  These fast feet speed drills focus on driving the knees, arms and feet to maximize results.  

These young athletes are using proper body form and technique to maintain great body stability.  These athletes are training to improve their foot speed to increase power off the ground to make things happen on the field or court.

Notice that these athletes are utilizing Myosource Kinetic Bands that attach right above the knees.  The bands are not limiting their movements.  They are able to train like they want to perform.  Myosource Kinetic Bands are a great speed training tool for developing fast feet because they do not hinder full range of motion.  The bands activate more muscles during warm-up, stretching and full range of motion drills and exercises.

Athletes that want to maximize their fast feet training results have to maintain the proper body alignment and body movement techniques.  It is vital to get great hip stimulation while driving the knees and arms.  

Notice how these athletes are performing quick toe touches, are not slowing down and remain completely focused throughout this speed training drill.  The Myosource Kinetic Bands are activating the muscles every rep every set.

This fast feet speed and agility drill allows athletes to mimic their running process and drive through the resistance to get up the hill.  Notice their arm drive action and how they extend their reach so they do not have uncontrolled arms moving from side to side.  The improper arm and body formation will hinder speed development.  Developing an intense level of power to get up and off the ground requires intense quad, hamstring, glutes and hip flexor muscles.  These athletes are using precise and dynamic footwork and body control to stride up the hill.  These athletes are training with purpose.

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