It Takes More Than A Strong Arm To Be A Great Baseball Pitcher

It Takes More Than A Strong Arm To Be A Great Baseball Pitcher

Posted by Matt McQueen on 30th Mar 2014

Every father in the world believes if his son has a strong arm that he can be the next Cy Young Award Winner. This is not true and people like myself had to find out the hard way. Sure, I threw 90 mph and was left-handed but throwing with all arm can only get you about as far as college, if you're lucky.


Most of the power in your game comes from your legs, giving you the power to push off the mound and the force to deliver the ball to the plate. I had strong legs but didn't want to work hard enough or realize how much I needed to use them. Every pitcher in the professional ranks strengthens their legs at all costs big or small. Pitchers who are not very tall like Greg Holland, closer for the Kansas City Royals, are great because they are built like fire hydrants and make up for a shorter stride length with the brute force their legs use to whip and push their body forward. Stride length for a pitcher means that when he is finished with his motion he is closer to the plate making the ball get home quicker and seem faster than it really is along with downward movement making it harder to get underneath the ball for power hitters with uppercut swings.

The key to stronger legs and greater flexibility lies within the resistance that training with a pair of Myosource Kinetic Bands provides. Think about being able to become drastically stronger while you were practicing, almost like you were lifting weights while performing one of your weekly drills. You can do this with the Kinetic Bands. They strap on your legs with two resistance bands, one in front and one in back, and you don't need to take them off at any time during your workout.

Ever had a coach tell you to perform a towel drill? A towel in one hand while you go through your complete pitching motion and reach out as far as you can to swipe a chair or object by having the power and flexibility to stride a great distance? Sure most pitchers at any competitive level have, but have you ever tried this drill with a set of Kinetic Bands on? If you did you would quickly realize, and more importantly feel, the benefits. Every time you stride you are resisted by elastic bands, helping you build lower body strength as you work to reach your stride goal. Muscle memory and improved leg and hip strength will help you stride farther naturally when it counts, at game time.

Wear Myosource Kinetic Bands while you practice and choose your level of resistance to keep building greater goals over time for productive workouts and improved athletic performance. Hopefully this article can give you something to help you strive for stronger legs to make that 90 turn into 95.

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