Kinetic Bands Offer Football Teams Indoor Options for Off-season Conditioning

Kinetic Bands Offer Football Teams Indoor Options for Off-season Conditioning

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 2nd Dec 2012

Olathe, Kansas, United States of America ( July 22, 2011 --

Although July and August are known for 100 degree days and sunny skies, this summer’s ozone-level temperatures have created dangerous conditions for some football teams practicing in the outdoor summer heat. For coaches looking for ideas to improve football skills and perform football drills indoors, resistance bands offer a great alternative.

“Football players need strong legs, a strong core, quick feet and good footwork in order to be successful. Several players spend mornings lifting weights and gaining strength, and then hit the field during the day for footwork and speed. To work on these drills indoors, players can use resistance bands to improve their skills while avoiding the outdoors,” said Marlin McQueen, owner of Myosource Kinetic Bands, an online resistance bands store at https://www/

Resistance Bands Train Every Football Position.  Myosource’s Kinetic Bands are used to create a smooth and consistent level of resistance to target the accelerator muscles of the legs for speed. Football teams have begun using these bands to train each player on the football field.

Football Lineman – Are generally big and strong, however, they also require quick feet and an ability to move laterally so that they can beat the opponent to the proper position. Resistance bands work on hip flexibility and allow linemen to improve their quick feet and speed.

Football Receivers – Need to develop a quick first step, have the ability to accelerate down field and make fast, sharp cuts so they can change direction and create separation from the defender. Resistance bands training can increase running speed and help receivers run faster down the football field.

Quarterbacks - Need to be able to move quickly and have the ability to throw a pass with power and accuracy which requires strong legs, hips and glutes as well as a strong core. In addition to building a strong core, resistance bands improve a quarterback’s upper body flexibility and allow them to throw longer, deeper passes.

“The bands have taken our football team’s training to a new level,” said David Alley, head coach of the Raytown South High School football team. “We use the bands everyday for stretching, hip flexibility and upper body flexibility.”

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