Myosource Acceleration Speed Cord Training  - Speed & Agility

Myosource Acceleration Speed Cord Training - Speed & Agility

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 6th Jun 2017

Do you have the lateral quickness, change of direction speed or explosive sprint speed to compete in today’s athletic environment?  Myosource Acceleration Speed Cord Training will help athletes work towards their goals to increase speed, improve stride length, increase vertical, and improve endurance and strength during great speed training and general sports training.  Whether you want to improve your jump distance, speed, vertical height, strength, endurance, power, etc. then the Acceleration Speed Cord is the athletic training tool for you.

Notice in this video how these athletes are maintaining great form, balance and stability as well as using proper footwork during these Acceleration Speed Cord training drills.  They are also very intense and explosive during these strength-training workouts.  The Acceleration Speed Cord is a great training tool used to build speed and strength for all athletes.  When an athlete is performing speed-training drills, lateral and linear multidirectional speed sprint drills the Acceleration Speed Cord allows for up to 20 feet of range and is easy to anchor.

Myosource Acceleration Speed Cord is used by athletes all over the world to help increase speed and acceleration.  Add the cord to your speed and agility training to increase acceleration speed, stride length, take off speed and change of direction speed.  The belt attaches around the waist for hands free movements.The Acceleration Speed Cord is also great for athletes who want to intensify their vertical, lateral and broad jump training.  The Acceleration Speed Cord will force the muscles to activate faster which results in more power and strength to increase jump height, distance and speed.

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