Softball - Pitchers increase Strength,  Balance and Body Control using ArmPro Bands

Softball - Pitchers increase Strength, Balance and Body Control using ArmPro Bands

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 7th Oct 2016

Why do softball pitchers need their own workout?

A softball pitcher is amazing.  The desire and dedication it takes to be a softball pitcher is never ending.  Softball pitchers should be admired.  They have to put in hard work day in and day out in order to succeed.  Softball teams would be lost without them.  The game of softball highly revolves around a pitchers talent.  A great Softball pitcher can carry a team far beyond the team’s talent level.  So why do most softball pitchers not receive a dedicated training program designed for her needs?  A quarterback's workout is vastly different than an offensive lineman, correct?   Well, let's start changing the mindset that every softball player on the team should receive a general program.   A legit softball program is based on each softball player's specific needs.   It is important to train softball pitchers to be powerful, explosive and to have the endurance to last multiple games in a row.   A softball pitcher needs to understand her mechanics and how to make it work well for her.   Long gone are days where softball pitchers are princesses, they are powerhouses.  Softball pitchers need to be trained to reflect that.  The above video is just a glimpse of a great drill for a pitchers toolbox of training

Why ArmPro Bands:

ArmPro Bands enable softball pitchers to work on arm, shoulder and core strength and stability as well as balance, upper body as a stabilizing powerhouse and the legs to be strong and explosive. The drill in the video above works all this plus much more adding balance, body control and hip stability. Help your pitchers develop Greatness – use ArmPro Bands.

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