Speed & Agility Training and Running Mechanics in the Sand using Myosource Kinetic Bands / Resistance Bands

Speed & Agility Training and Running Mechanics in the Sand using Myosource Kinetic Bands / Resistance Bands

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 6th Jun 2018

In this video this athlete is working on running form in the sand with Myosource Kinetic Bands to force him to work against the resistance .Running in the sand works a variety of benefits. Since the sand is unstable it forces the foot, ankle and knee to adjust immediately upon contact. It also helps athletes run correctly because to run in sand the knees have to be up and the feet underneath the runner and not behind the runner. Most important is that running in sand helps to prevent injuries to the lower body because it enables the user to land softly. The second exercise in this video is jumps on an unstable surface to a stable surface. The initial jump forces each athlete to control the jump as they begin their upward movement. Upon landing, the lower body has to react and transfer energy from the feet up through the legs, hips and glutes. .

Sand training is great for sport-specific speed & agility and conditioning. Performing sport specific training in sand is shown to help prevent injury. Sand speed and agility training is more difficult then grass or hard surface training which adds to the overall benefits. It results in an increase of work load during the same amount of time.  Many athletes are training in sand with Myosource Kinetic Bands to improve explosive moves and to build speed. The sand shifts under the feet while Myosource Kinetic Bands are activating the muscles helping athletes work on stability and balance while decreasing their injury risks. If you do not have an ocean side beach available then a track and field pit or sand volleyball pit will work. Speed and Agility training in the sand is also a great way to work on your start – stop – start training as well as pivots and lateral moves. There is a variety of training speed and agility exercises that are great to perform in the sand. These include feet shuffles as well as turn moves and sprints. Whether you are a field or court athlete, shuffle moves are great for exploding into a sprint down the court or field.

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