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Soccer Speed and Agility - Off Season Strength Training /Fitness Workout with Myosource Kinetic Bands / Resistance Bands

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Resistance training / Kinetic Bands training is great for athletes to increase the challenge of each workout session, every rep - every set. Myosource Kinetic Bands target the legs, hips, and glutes as well as increase endurance all during a normal training routine. Adding the KineticRT Upper Body is also a great addition to your resistance training.

Soccer players as well as any athlete must maintain body control and balance during speed and agility training. Any successful soccer player / athlete is only as skilled as the strength, power, speed and coordination that they are able to perform on the field or court. Notice in this video how this soccer player is maintaining balance and body control as she works through the resistance to work on building her legs, thighs, glutes and hip muscles as well as the core. Soccer speed and agility enables a soccer player / athlete to work on maintaining body control while maneuvering the soccer ball.

Soccer players have to be able to perform light speed as well as excessive speed. They have to change directions in an instant. The best soccer players are able to go from these light speed moves into fast forward, back or lateral moves without losing their balance or body control. If body control and balance is not maintained then they will not be able to transfer their power throughout their body from side to side / back and forward and will lose control. Explosive power goes from the lower body through the hips and the core. Myosource Kinetic Bands help build all these muscles making it a natural response to weave past a competitor.

Notice in this video how this soccer player / athlete is also using KineticRT Upper Body Bands to build strength throughout her upper body.  Soccer players who have a weak upper body will get pushed off the ball easier and be unable to maintain full body control and balance.  The arms and upper core play a huge role in stability and performance.  KineticRT Upper Body Bands offer 4 levels of Kinetic Bands / resistance bands that athletes can mix and match in a variety of combinations to build strength and shoulder stability.  This makes it easy for athletes to find their level of resistance and add on as they progress. 

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