Plyometrics | KineticRT® Suspension Straps

Plyometrics | KineticRT® Suspension Straps

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 20th May 2019

How to tone and firm your legs and hips with suspension straps. 

The two exercises in this video are just plain killer when it comes to developing explosive strength throughout your lower body and the endurance benefits are amazing.

The Suspension Straps offer so many different workout options. Keep them handy and get in a workout most anywhere you can find a sturdy anchor (jungle gym, tree, branch, or any sturdy overhead device where you can secure the extension strap). 


1. Squat Jump | The squat jump may look easy but you will soon find out just how tough and awesome this exercise is. As you see in the video, Karla is performing the squat jump at a very fast pace forcing her body to increase power and explosiveness in order to keep up with the goal she has set, (10 deep squat jumps in under 12-15 seconds).

Also notice after leaving the ground she is moving into a "tuck" position, increasing the difficultly and the reward. Driving the knees up to a tuck position for additional strength, cardio and activating the hip flexors. This helps with the speed phase of this workout in order to get the legs back into the landing position and exploding off the balls of the feet for the next repetition. 

These deep squats are really activating the hips, glutes and upper quads while elevating the heart rate. Make sure to stay in form, dropping the hips back and jumping at a slight angle to stay in the tension of the suspension straps. 

Complete 4 sets of 10-15 second intervals, moving as fast as possible will have you feeling the burn and breathing heavy.


2. Single Leg Lunge/Squat Jump | This exercise will cause some major burn in the front leg quad and a solid burn in the back leg glutes and some serious cardio. Keeping the back leg as straight as possible will also bring the hamstring into play which is a much neglected area until you pull one. 

This also works great for what we call strength/body control and balance. Until you get the hang of it you may find yourself hopping around trying to stay in position and not fall over. 

The goal here is 4 sets of 5-10 repetitions per leg. Perform this exercise with one leg and move right into the opposite leg as quickly as possible. 

We suggest with both exercises to take caution with rest but keep it moving and perform supersets when you are ready.

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