Vertical Jump | Basketball Drills with Resistance Bands  / Ultimate Kinetic Bands

Vertical Jump | Basketball Drills with Resistance Bands / Ultimate Kinetic Bands

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 24th Apr 2014

A high vertical jump should be the goal of any basketball player. Strong legs and a strong core plus good flexibility and balance are needed to increase vertical jump height. This video demonstrates a basketball drill with resistance bands that can help you improve your vertical jump height and increase flexibility and balance. Working on strengthen the hips, building the hip flexors, and explosive power in crucial for improving your vertical jump height for a great basketball jump.

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Just jumping up, coming down, and getting set again is not going to get you the vertical jump that you want. A great basketball vertical jump requires explosive power by hitting the ground and getting back up quickly and powerfully. This is essential for improving your vertical. Basketball jumps are vital for great rebounds and making shots.


  • Stand upright holding the basketball
  • Jump off one leg while rotating the opposite hip in a circular motion
  • This will fire the glutes and hip muscles
  • Explode off of the down leg
  • Keep spine / back in line to prevent from bending over where the body is out in front because will cause you to decelerate and put more stress on the knee. It is important to keep as much stress off of the knees as possible to prevent injury.
  • This exercise will strengthen the quads, hamstrings, glutes, and hips to make you a better jumper
  • Go 10 seconds on each leg – maximum effort for the 10 seconds
  • Perform 2 sets of resisted and then 2 sets without resistance
  • Remember to push yourself while you are going up and down- work on balance and stability by maintaining good form and technique – control the ball during the entire drill
  • Body Control and Explosive Power
  • The resistance makes the exercise more difficult because you are firing the muscles to work through the resistance. When the resistance is removed so is the tension on the muscles so you will feel light and your body will want to fly up with more explosive power. Remember that a great vertical jump is essential for getting more rebounds, layups, and jump shots. Just being able to get a fingertip higher than your opponent can be the difference in your rebounding stats and the difference in basketball games.  

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