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Arm Fitness Workout - Build Arm Strength and Shoulder Strength with Myosource​ ArmPro Bands

Being a fast pitch softball catcher is hard work. It is one of the most difficult spots to play on the softball field. Fastpitch softball catchers are responsible for calling pitches, catching each pitch properly, blocking, throwing base runners out and are the eyes of the team because they see the entire field from their position. This [...]

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Softball SPEED STRENGTH POWER - ​Speed Training plus Arm and Shoulder Care

If you want to develop explosive rotational power, improve strength training and hitting power and take your overall Athletic Performance to the next level then Myosource Kinetic Bands and ArmPro Bands is the perfect solution. Both Myosource Kinetic Bands and ArmPro Bands are inexpensive, convenient and provide a way to enhance softball training to get the best results in less time. [...]

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​Head on the Ball - Batting Tips 3 - 5 - Baseball and Softball

As stated in our last “Head on the Ball” Blog Mike Kellogg designed “Head on the Ball” to assist in teaching baseball players and softball players to lead with their head down into the strike zone. Remember that it is essential for baseball and softball players to see the ball from the point of release all the way to the [...]

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Batting Tips for baseball and softball players using ​The Head on the Ball

The Head on the Ball – is great for helping baseball and softball players prevent Head Pulling, over-rotating, premature hip rotation, and more.  Below are our first two batting tips using "The Head on the Ball" from a baseball player, baseball coach, parent of players and a baseball umpire – Mike Kellogg             Save [...]

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Baseball and Softball Base Stealing and Explosive Power | Ultimate Kinetic Bands Speed Training

Save 15% on your Myosource Purchase - Use Promo Code BLOG15Working to improve base running skills and speed is an essential part of baseball training. Baseball and Softball base runners need to work on their quick first step, good cross over and the ability to get their momentum going to steal more bases. Many baseball and softball [...]

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Head on the Ball - Great Baseball and Softball hitting tool used for focusing on Ball all the way to the plate.

Head On The BallDo you need help keeping your head down on the baseball or softball when hitting? Head On The Ball attaches to most batting helmets and helps softball players and baseball players learn to focus on the ball to improve their hitting skills. Get 15% off Your Myosource Purchase - Use Promo Code BLOG15The Head on [...]

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​Baseball - Increase Speed; Effectiveness in the Infield

It's a full count, 1 out, bottom of the ninth, man on first and you're a double play away from the championship. As shortstop, if the ball comes your way, you can help turn a double play and have the victory in hand. But your ability to make that play to help your team win the game depends on [...]

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Softball - Gain Strength and Power with Myosource Kinetic Bands / Resistance Bands

Myosource Kinetic Bands are great for in season and off season softball training helping build leg, hip and core strength along with speed, body control and cardio endurance. Softball players are able to work on their skills while utilizing the Kinetic Bands and maximize training and practice time. The Kinetic Bands fire the muscles in the quads, hamstrings, glutes, hips, hip [...]

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Softball Hitting | Build Hip Strength with Myosource Kinetic Bands

Save 15% on your entire Myosource order by using promo code BLOG15 Hip strength and stability are essential for batting in fast pitch softball. Wearing Myosource Kinetic Bands during soft toss and hitting off of the tee is a great way to maximize training time. The Kinetic Bands fire the muscles in the legs, hips, and core during each movement of [...]

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A Split Second or an Inch Makes A Huge Difference –Often the difference in a game is that split second delay that interferes with getting that takedown, intercepting a pass, or making it to the basket before your opponent. Increasing the speed of your muscle contractions will help you gain those seconds and inches that you need to make [...]

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