Softball Acceleration Speed Training with Myosource Acceleration Speed Cord

Softball Acceleration Speed Training with Myosource Acceleration Speed Cord

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 8th May 2017

Functional resistance training is a great way to help athletes improve athletic performance and sport specific skills development.  Use coupon code BLOG15 to save on all Myosource Kinetic Bands Products. 

This athlete is a natural lefty slapper, hitter, pitcher and high school/competitive softball player and volleyball player. Using resistance, she is able to maximize her acceleration training and work to increase speed and agility for softball while helping her work on lateral quickness, quick first step, and vertical jump height for volleyball.

The focus in this video is on improving her acceleration speed for slapping and base running. We are also working to improve her footwork, stepping into her dig phase out of the batter’s box, and accelerating quickly to get down the line to beat the throw. We are using both the Acceleration Speed Cord and the Kinetic Bands (Leg Resistance Bands) during training.

What Makes a Good Slapper?

Key elements of being a good slapper are putting pressure on the defense with great footwork out of the box, explosive speed and good base running skills.

In addition to these speed skills, adding strength throughout the lower body will translate into an improved ability to drive the ball. This puts additional pressure on the defense, needing to respect both elements of her game so she is considered both a slapper and quality hitter. The Acceleration Speed Cord is a great way to utilize resistance training to work on acceleration and explosive speed for softball players. Using Kinetic Bands helps players strengthen their legs, hips, hip flexors, glutes, and core muscles.

By properly utilizing resistance bands training, this two-sport athlete will benefit greatly; seeing results in her acceleration speed for base running, pitching velocity, accuracy, and endurance, as well as her on court volleyball skills including, higher vertical, body control, lateral quickness and agility.

4-Step Acceleration Drill for Softball

We set this drill up at approximately the distance from home to first base (60 feet). The assistor uses declining levels of resistance in each step to help the athlete improve acceleration.

Note: This acceleration drill should be performed after the athlete has completed a proper dynamic warm up.

Step 1

Resistance Level: High

Total Sets: 2 (down and back)

Total Reps: 4

The assistor challenges the athlete to work hard to power through the resistance; working on strength and leg drive.

Step 2

Resistance Level: Medium

Total Sets: 2 (down and back)

Total Reps: 4

The assistor will apply a medium level of resistance allowing the athlete to work more in the dig and acceleration phase while moderately challenging them to work through the resistance.

Step 3

Resistance Level: Low

Total Sets: 2 (down and back)

Total Reps: 4

The assistor will apply a very small amount of resistance with just enough to challenge the athlete slightly while allowing them to run at near full speed.

Step 4

Resistance Level: None

Total Sets: 2 (down and back)

Total Reps: 4

The athlete will now run un-resisted at full speed; working on her dig phase, leg drive and arm action.

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