Track and Field – Speed & Agility Training and Sprint Training to be Faster and Stronger

Track and Field – Speed & Agility Training and Sprint Training to be Faster and Stronger

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 15th Feb 2014

What do the 40-yard dash, hurdles, the mile, pole vaulting, high jump, and long jump, discuss, and the shot put have in common? They all require strength training and speed training. Basically, track and field comes down to who can run the fastest, jump the highest and throw the farthest. Being able to run fast does not just take great leg strength, but it also takes a strong core and strong arms to drive the body. Speed training is definitely a necessity. Of course throwing takes arm and shoulder strength, but it also takes strong legs to push the core to release the strength through the shoulders and arms. So you see that Track and Field requires athletes to have a strong body not just strength in a few isolated body parts.

What are the benefits of Myosource Ultimate Kinetic Bands for Track and Field Athletes?

  • Utilize all the muscle groups to stabilize the entire body
  •  Improve coordination and balance
  • Allow the individual athlete to work smaller muscles which are often neglected instead of just the larger ones
  • Offer tension levels base on color based on level of difficulty
  • Create resistance to expand range of motion in all directions
  • Provide track and field athletes with the option of increasing or decreasing difficulty by the length of resistance band

  • Track and field athletes are able to mimic their sport specific movements for a full body workout to mimic their skill

  • Compact and lightweight – easy to pack and go – fit easily into a bag and inexpensive
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    Speed training and endurance are a must for track and field athletes. Upper and Lower Body Ultimate Kinetic Bands provide a variety of resistance levels for track and field athletes. Whether you are a beginner or have been participating in track and field for several years the Kinetic Bands / resistance bands will improve the skills needed to compete at your potential. It takes upper body, lower body and core strength to perform at your best. Kinetic Bands are great for stretching, warm-up and practice at full range of motion. Track and Field athletes may leave the lower body Kinetic Bands on while stretching, warming-up and during practice to add their own body as resistance to improve their skills. Jump Skips, High Knees, Karaoke, Side Shuffles and Striders are a few of the many exercises that track and field athletes are able to do with Kinetic Bands for legs, hips, thighs and glutes strength. The Upper Body Ultimate Kinetic Bands are used to tone, firm and strengthen the shoulders, arms, stomach, back and chest. Many athletes are warming up with Myosource Ultimate Kinetic Bands /resistance bands before a meet so that when they take the Kinetic Bands / resistance bands off their legs feel lighter and their muscle fibers fire explosively. 
Kinetic Bands / resistance bands offer track and field athletes the opportunity to increase power and speed. Kinetic Bands add resistance to every step to increase hip stability and leg strength. Resistance training is safe for all ages of track and field athletes. Track and field has a number of different events that place stress on the body in different ways. For track and field athletes that want to improve their speed, agility, flexibility, mobility, strength and power as well as prevent injury Kinetic Resistance Bands are a great and inexpensive solution.

    Training properly is a necessity for track and field athletes. Track and field athletes who are unaware of the importance of balance, core strength and overall body training are often unable properly train to improve their skills. Just picking up a discuss or shot put and throwing it over and over is not what it takes to compete against the increasing competition. The physical stress that track and field athletes endure demands them to be adequately trained with the proper techniques. Training with Kinetic Bands / resistance bands puts track and field athletes at an advantage because not only do they provide safe resistance for all ages and body types, but they are also fun and easy to use. Whether you are a runner, jumper or thrower Kinetic Bands / Resistance bands is a great way to improve your skills and body strength. 

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