Yoga for a Better You

Yoga for a Better You

Posted by Claudz on 19th Dec 2019

Your body's ability to function as a clean and efficient channel is limited by stiffness, lack of strength, and lack of endurance. Your mind's ability is limited by the way it thinks about itself, by the way you think about you. The process of yoga is one of undoing the obstructions and limitations in your body and mind that inhibit the free flow of creative life force. - Erick Schiffmann


Stemmed from the Sanskrit word "yuji," which means yoke or union, yoga is becoming popular that more and more women, even men, are hooked on it. This is one form of exercise that helps strengthen your whole body and increase cardiovascular endurance. The good thing about doing yoga is it also helps in your mental relaxation and keeps your balance in check. Yoga may look easy, but don't be deceived by outward appearance, as they say. This is one tough physical exercise hidden in each yoga pose, but gives you a blissful feeling and keeps you relaxed and focused.


What Yoga Does to Our Body

Aside from the relaxation and balance that yoga can give, it can also give you numerous benefits mentally and physically. 


1. Relieves Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can implicate many health problems like cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, insomnia, and so forth. Doing yoga daily can help alleviate stress and anxiety and keeps your mind at peace. 


2. Builds Muscle Strength

Having strong muscles will make us look good and feel strong at the same time. Yoga helps build stronger muscles and prevents back and joint pains. 


3. Improves Flexibility

While building strength, you should also improve on your flexibility, a primary benefit of yoga. These two should go hand in hand. After doing a series of yoga poses, you'll gradually notice a change in your flexibility like being able to touch your toes without experiencing pain. 


4. Your Heart's Best Friend

Yoga, combined with proper diet and discipline, can help reduce heart ailments as it helps boost your heart rate. It lowers the risk of having heart problems due to high blood pressure, stress, and other heart-related problems. 


5. Improves Your Quality of Life

Yoga is believed to help improve your quality of life because it releases all the negative energy and attract positive energy surrounding you. Many experts are using yoga to help their patients feel better, reduce their illness symptoms, and embrace life at its fullest. 


6. Encourage Better Sleep

Insomnia is the result of having too much stress. If you are stressed, sleep is like a distant star that's really hard to reach. But when you do yoga, it helps calm your senses and keeps you rested until morning. 


7. Improves Breathing

One major benefit of yoga is improved breathing. One technique, called Pranayama, helps improve your breathing through specific breathing exercises and techniques, which helps keep your heart and lungs healthy. 


8. Helps Develop Healthy Eating Habits

After a couple yoga poses, you'll notice that you're more mindful of what you eat and don't resort to emotional eating anymore, which results in obesity and other health problems. Yoga develops that kind of discipline as it helps you pay attention to anything you ingest - the taste, the sensation, and how it will affect your body in the long run. 


9. Improves your Focus

Regular yoga helps keep your mental focus in check. It improves coordination, memory, and the ability to solve complex problems. 


Resistance Bands and Yoga

While yoga is usually done using only a yoga mat, you can also use resistance bands or glute bands to make it more rewarding in the end. 


Yoga makes women, as well as men, more confident and calm inside and out. You just need to have discipline and a clear vision of your goals. And if you need some guided assistance, don't hesitate to drop us a chat or an email and we'll be happy to give you a hand in becoming a better you. 

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