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Fitness Workout to Help Build a Booty with Resistance Bands – Myosource Kinetic Bands

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This Byrnesfit fitness workout is to build up her non-existent booty (as she calls it).  This fitness workout includes sumo squats with 30kg DB's and her always attached on glute day Myosource Kinetic Bands.  She is focusing on the squeeze at the top and keeping the tension of the resistance bands / kinetic bands throughout the movement.  The sumo squat isolates and engages the glutes.  This helps lift, tone and strengthen the glutes.  The sumo squat can also improve mobility. It builds strength in the lower back, hips, thighs, glutes and legs.  By adding more weight (dumbbells, resistance bands, kettle bells) you increase the resistance, which in turn builds stronger muscles. This is great because each user is able to perform at their own level of and build as they grow stronger.

Squats are a fitness workout exercise that is very common all over the world.  Most women are looking to tone and strengthen their glutes / booty / butt so squats are a very effective exercise.  While performing this sumo squat exercise this user is able to not only build strength and power in her muscles but also to get her heart rate elevated for a great total body workout.  Her hips and hip flexors remain in line with her great body control to develop muscles that will support her.  She maintains great posture and balance with her body in line and she is able to target more muscles in this sumo squat by engaging more muscles in the legs, thighs, hips, glutes and low core.

It is essential to keep the hips square during this sumo squat.  The hips should remain square with the back line so that the focus remains on the booty / butt / glutes and lower body.  Keeping the hips square also makes it easier to maintain balance and control.  Notice in this video how during the squat her knees separate and as she goes down and when she goes back up they come together.  This causes her glutes to receive greater activation.  Driving the knees apart creates more strength and power as she rises up.  This is also better on the knees.  It is essential that the tension be placed in the correct places during each squat.  With Myosource Kinetic Bands this sumo squat engages and activates more muscles cause them to work against the resistance for strength, power and endurance.

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