Glute Exercises | Booty Building Fitness Workout | Kinetic Bands® Fitness

Glute Exercises | Booty Building Fitness Workout | Kinetic Bands® Fitness

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 23rd Jun 2017

Feel the burn with Myosource Kinetic Bands! Our leg resistance bands fire the muscles in the legs and glutes and will ramp up your cardio endurance in half the time. 

S/O to @abolishsleevery808 on Instagram for this segment of "Booty Building with Simone and Sean." Hanging banded transverse hip abduction with both a flexed and extended knee with the Kinetic Bands. Transverse hip abduction is a fancy pants way of describing the process of moving your thigh away from the midline of your body while your hip is in a flexed/bent position. This is a highly effective exercise to target all 3 gluteus muscles and of course we had to make things a little more interesting by hanging from a pull up bar.

Why are Myosource Kinetic Bands beneficial for this glute workout? The bands allow for hands-free training and do not restrict movements. As shown in this video, the functional resistance of the bands allow Simone to hang from a pull up bar to combine resistance and bodyweight for the ultimate challenge. 

The goal of combining an effective glute workout with Kinetic Bands is to maximize results in less time. Make sure to keep the hips in line and prevent swinging to receive the best benefits while building strength to shape your butt. It is easy to see that during this glute workout the glutes, hips, legs, and core muscles are firing during each movement. Think of all the exercises that could be done with resistance bands and how good you are going to feel after you challenge your body to MOVE. Take the next step to reaching your goals and get a set of Kinetic Bands today! 

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