​High Amounts of Sugar In Your Diet Are Not So Sweet - Eat Healthy Lifestyle Food and use Myosource Ultimate Kinetic Bands

​High Amounts of Sugar In Your Diet Are Not So Sweet - Eat Healthy Lifestyle Food and use Myosource Ultimate Kinetic Bands

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 28th Feb 2014

Even though there is plenty of medical data to tell us those high amounts of sugar in our diet is not good for us, we do not seem to be listening. Today, 66% of Americans, along with one-third of children and teens are overweight or obese. A recent study concluded that sugar, while not the sole culprit, is a significant contributor to obesity in the US.

If you are fed up with the status quo and want to make some significant personal changes to your level of health, improving nutrition by eating healthy food is a good place to start. Reducing the amount of sugar in your diet, heating healthy food, cutting out all soda and sweetened beverages (even diet beverages) and increasing vegetable and whole grain intake will help jump start your metabolism. You could even consider nutritional supplements. With a faster metabolism, your body will naturally start to burn more calories with the right fuel in the tank.

But that's only part of the equation. If you want to obliterate the fat and get back on track to a healthier you; combining proper nutrition with exercise is vitally important.

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Firm Then Burn

Common sense would say that cardio exercises would burn the most calories. But research has shown that doing a light to moderate strength training circuit before your regular cardio exercises will help burn additional fat. Arteries soften and lower your blood pressure when a resistance-based workout is done. These types of workouts can also potentially increase the amount of fat you burn during your cardio routine. Intimidated by weights? Hate clunky machines? Myosource Ultimate Kinetic Bands / resistance bands are an affordable way to firm, shape and tone specific areas of your body. They also serve as a great addition to a calorie-burning workout.

Let The Burn Begin with Cardio Exercises

With your body actually in better condition for cardio exercises, now it is time to let the burn begin. Cardio exercises are a great way to melt away those love handles or problem areas. Just 30-45 minutes each day and you are well on your way. Mix and match different intensities and exercises to increase your heart rate and burn more calories. These cardio exercises can include:

  • Step Aerobics
  • Bicycling
  • Swimming
  • Racquetball
  • Rock Climbing
  • Cross-Country Skiing
  • Running
  • Rowing
  • Walking Briskly
  • Add Myosource Ultimate Kinetic Bands to any or all of these cardio exercises, eat healthy food, eat less sugar, a light to moderate strength training routine and a fat burning cardio workout and you will have a 1-2-3 punch to knockout the fat and lose weight. Follow some simple approaches and you might have a lot more than sweets to smile about. You might have a leaner, healthier, happier you.

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