Kinetic Fit Full Body Fitness Workout Out Challenge with Noyfit

Kinetic Fit Full Body Fitness Workout Out Challenge with Noyfit

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 14th Sep 2016

Join Noyfit and Kinetic Bands Fit by following this exciting craze to take resistance bands training to a new level.    Myosource Kinetic Bands offer Functional resistance training to provide resistance that targets the legs, hips, glutes and increases cardio benefit allowing the user to move freely throughout any full body workout routines.

Engaging in a full body workout routine is key to increasing power, flexibility, strength, stability and mobility.   In the video above notice all the different full body drills and exercises that work both small and large muscle groups all at one time.  Each workout can be performed at a variety of intensity levels.   This makes it great for everyone to participate  whether a beginner or an expert. Go at your own pace by working intervals of 30 seconds to one minute, then rest and continue.  The Myosource Kinetic Bands are constantly putting tension on the muscles to keep them firing throughout any full body workout.   Myosource Kinetic Bands add the needed resistance applied to ALL the muscles so that the user is able to accomplish more in less time.  

It is time to awaken all those sleeping muscles by using Myosource Kinetic Bands in all full body workout routines.  This is a great inexpensive way to workout whether you are at home or in a hotel room traveling for work.  The bands will help you get more out of every full body workout and push the body to the next level.  Stronger muscles will make the entire body more alert and work more efficiently. 

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