Martial Arts | Speed Drills Using Resistance Bands

Martial Arts | Speed Drills Using Resistance Bands

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 13th Jun 2019

Martial Arts is a very broad term referring to different types of self-defense skills. The term 'martial arts' was derived from the Roman god of war, Mars, thus referring to 'art of Mars'. There's a lot of talks on where martial arts originated from. But what's good about this activity is that it helps individuals train their body, mind, and spirit to be able to defeat their opponents in hand-to-hand and/or foot combat.

This type of physical training requires a lot of practice and dedication, not to mention a high level of endurance. That is why there are many different types of drills that these martial artists need to undergo first, no matter what style they're training for, to help them develop strength, flexibility, and endurance. 

When beginning martial arts training, it is important to begin with warm-up exercises, like stretching, strength, and conditioning. This will help you achieve higher and faster kicks, a stronger core, greater flexibility and a wider range of motion for your kicks, punches, footwork, etc. The first drill most gurus are teaching is what they call "Speed Drills." In this video, you will see that the first drill they did was to practice doing some toe taps, which helps increase velocity. Then continue conditioning the legs by doing thrust kicks to develop flexibility for higher kicks. Afterwards, work on what they call "forms." This type of drill strengthens the body and helps develop your stance and flexibility. During your stance exercises, your legs are the main focus, where the muscles are strengthened. For your front and back stance, for example, you are building strength in the quads and groin, keeping your body straight and in a solid state while you do your stance steps from front to back. 

Basically, you can work on basic form combinations when you're performing these drills. What is great about this is that you can do all these drills without a sparring partner. If you are already familiar with the steps you can train at a school, home, or anywhere you feel comfortable. You may ask, "How can I do all of these speed drills without a partner?" Well, the answer is by using Kinetic Bands. These awesome resistance bands are very easy to use. Just wrap the leg straps around each leg, just above the knee and hook the resistance bands on and you are set and ready to start training! You don't even need a helping hand, you are in control of yourself. The bands are also adjustable depending on the type of conditioning you are working on.

Many martial artists nowadays are using Kinetic Bands or leg resistance bands to help them improve their skills when performing speed drills and the results are endless. The most important thing about doing martial arts is that you self-discipline and take advantage of whatever it is that you can do to make yourself better and stronger in this field. Moreover, you should always incorporate proper techniques and quality equipment to help you become a great martial artist. These invaluable Kinetic Resistance Bands will surely help you reach your goals. 

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