Shoulder exercises for Softball Players with ArmPro resistance bands

Shoulder exercises for Softball Players with ArmPro resistance bands

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 13th Oct 2016

Now this is some serious Softball Dedication...

Mikayla is a softball player who dislocated her shoulder this past summer during a play at home.  Softball injuries, especially shoulder injuries, are very common for those who do not prepare their bodies for the game.  Mikayla is finally at a place in her recovery that she can do light physical therapy work.   For softball injuries  / shoulder injuries  this is something we leave to the experts to decide but she wanted to start getting back into softball playing shape so she could be up and running when her doctors gave her the ok to play softball again.   This is some serious dedication from this young lady considering the pain that many softball injuries cause.   She has done as much as she could without putting any stress on her left arm while working some lower body work mixed in with some walking.   This makes for one proud trainer when a softball player takes control of her situation and does the best she can with it.   She has performed light ArmPro Bands work, like the rotational row to involve and improve her core.   There is a saying "there's always someone working when you’re not." Remember there are girls like Makayla working hard, in any way, when you’re not.It does not have to be this way.Start performing some of these great shoulder, arm and core and lower body exercises with ArmPro Bands and Myosource Lower Body Kinetic Bands.   It is time to prevent softball injuries and recover faster.   Any softball injuires or shoulder injuries will keep players off the field.  Dedication will keep them on the field.

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