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Softball Arm Care Throwing Routine with Myosource AmrPro Bands Resistance Bands Training

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Here are the Menace Fastpitch 12U Softball team incorporating Arm Pro Bands into their throwing routine.  Softball players and baseball players must have strong muscles and joints to prevent injury as well as to perform at the highest level.  Notice how these softball players are working to build strength in their arms, shoulders and back all at the same time.  Great Arm and Shoulder care will differentiatebetween the strong and the weak.   Performance on the field will show which softball players and baseball players have worked to build strength, power, flexibility, stability and great recovery in their throwing arm and shoulder.  The ArmPro Bands are forcing these softball players to work against the resistance to develop explosive arm and shoulder power.

Myosource ArmPro Bands allow each softball player and baseball player to use their own level of resistance / tension and the wrist bands leave the hands free for a closed fist or an open hand motion.  Using the correct ArmPro Bands level is essential so that the tension targets the muscles and joints without being too strong for the individual athlete.  Notice how these softball players are going from a bend elbow arm position to a straight arm position while using the shoulders for extra drive and power.  Their return arm and should motion is targeting the decelerators.  It is important to strengthen both the accelerator and decelerator muscles.  Make sure to maintain body control and great form throughout this arm care fitness workout exercise.

As these softball players drive the shoulders and arms forward they are using their entire body to push through the resistance.  Notice how they are able to also drive their hips forward into the extended move.  Their feet are to be a shoulder’s width apart with their knees slightly bent for a controlled, balanced stance.  All softball players and baseball palyers should extend full so each muscle and joint is activated by the resistance to fully accelerate forward and then decelerate slowly for the full affect.  Both softball players and baseball players have a high risk of arm and shoulder injury.  This type of arm care exercise is important in order to develop the muscles in the rotator cuffs so it is important to work both sides equally. 

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