Softball Arm Care Throwing Routine with  Myosource AmrPro Bands Resistance Bands Training

Softball Arm Care Throwing Routine with Myosource AmrPro Bands Resistance Bands Training

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 25th Oct 2017

Here are the Menace Fastpitch 12U Softball team incorporating Arm Pro Bands into their throwing routine.  Softball players and baseball players must have strong muscles and joints to prevent injury as well as to perform at the highest level.  Notice how these softball players are working to build strength in their arms, shoulders and back all at the same time. Performance on the field will show who is will to put in the work off the field. The ArmPro Bands force the athletes to work against the resistance to develop explosive power in the arms and shoulders.

ArmPro Bands allow each player to use their own level of resistance and the wrist straps target the muscles directly involved in throwing. Using the proper resistance level is essential to target the muscles and joints without being too strong for the individual athlete. 

The athletes in this video are performing a chest press exercise. Make sure to maintain body control and proper form throughout. As these softball players drive the arms forward, they are using their upper body to push through the resistance. Feet are shoulder-width apart with a slight bend in the knees to create a stable base. A full extension in the arms forces each muscle to be activated by the resistance. The key to this exercise is staying in the resistance during each set. Extend the arms forward while keeping the chest and head up and then slowly returning to starting position. Both softball and baseball players have a high risk of arm and shoulder injury. This type of arm care exercise is important in order to develop the muscles.

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