Softball Conditioning and Speed Training with Resistance Bands - prevent injury and stay on the field

Softball Conditioning and Speed Training with Resistance Bands - prevent injury and stay on the field

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 11th Oct 2016

How to stay off the bench...

There are many softball and baseball players with arms in bad shape after an entire season of playing – this is bad meaning overused, fatigued and battling constant soreness.There are even new players who have chronic shoulder issues that keep them on the bench and out of their softball or baseball games. There is a BIG lesson to be learned here for every softball and baseball player.Each baseball and softball player MUST take care of your most valuable asset.It is vitally important that each player start NOW.If a baseball player or softball player or the entire team does not have a pre-throwing routine each player is put in a very vulnerable place for potential injury.Long gone are the days of ignoring soreness and injuries, players must start taking care of their body or it will break down.There are so many baseball and softball players in between innings and in between games icing because their arms hurt they are severely in pain.Stop putting a band-aid on the problem and start working on a solution.The injury rate for shoulder injuries is climbing and the best way to stay off the bench due to injury is to have a complete strengthening program for the entire body.

The Myosource Kinetic Bands and ArmPro Bands are two great training tools for Baseball Players and Softball Players to use during conditioning and speed training. Both of these great products will help with flexibility, strength, endurance and overall Athletic Performance as well help prepare the muscles for the intensity of game to prevent injury. Myosource Kinetic Bands will work leg strength, explosive power and speed and ArmPro Bands will work shoulders, arms, back and core.Start training the right way today.

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