Use Your Body As Your Barbell | Full Body Workout Using Myosource Kinetic Bands®

Use Your Body As Your Barbell | Full Body Workout Using Myosource Kinetic Bands®

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 19th Jun 2017

Athletes that make a difference are those with top tier endurance and strength to make it until the end. It takes sheer determination and willpower to compete at the highest level. Our Kinetic Bands (leg resistance bands) force the muscles to work in overdrive, helping you reach peak performance and outwork the competition.

S/O to @rad487 on Instagram for sharing this "use your body as your barbell" full body workout. If you are an athlete with the determination to build strength and endurance, the exercises in this video are effective and worth the work to increase power and strength. Each movement requires balance, stability, and a high level of endurance. These powerful bodyweight exercises with Kinetic Bands require your body to work against the resistance as you test your flexibility, strength, and cardio endurance. The goal is to work at full intensity as the speed bands are stimulating the muscles to contract and react quicker and consistently. You will immediately feel a difference after just one workout with the bands.

Video Breakdown:

1. Split Squat Jump: This exercise is imperative to increasing overall athletic performance, elevating the heart rate and developing explosive power. The unilateral position of the legs help improve stability while increasing strength in the lower body. Athletes involved in sports that require running or jumping can greatly benefit from this exercise. It is crucial to stay in proper form throughout this exercise. There are a variety of split squat variations from beginner to advanced to get you to the next level.  

  • Exercise Tips: chest up, engage your core, front knee stays behind your toes, look straight ahead, and move your arms. 

2. Spiderman Push-Up + Side Extension: This exercise challenges the upper body and core to work in tandem. In addition to elevating the heart rate and increasing strength, this bodyweight exercise puts emphasis on balance and coordination. The resistance bands take this already challenging exercise to a whole new level and really make you feel the burn! 

  • Exercise Tips: flat back, neck in a neutral position, hands directly below shoulders, and elbows tucked in at sides. 

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