Why Athletes are Choosing Suspension Training - Myosource Kinetic Bands

Why Athletes are Choosing Suspension Training - Myosource Kinetic Bands

Posted by Matt McQueen on 8th Apr 2014

Athletes across America and around the world favor suspension training over the use of free weights for training and exercise. Weights can potentially harm an athlete, as he or she may overcompensate capable weight limits. Suspension training is a snap with KB Duo, brought to you by Myosource Kinetic Bands. KB Duo takes fitness training to an entirely different level, allowing the ease of light, portable training in the gym, or at home.

We’ve all seen those big bulky handle and cable pull machines at the gym. KB Duo eliminates the bulk, offering the same workout in a smaller and inexpensive package. KB Duo Suspension Trainer comes packed up in a bag weighing only a few pounds and enables the user to take it anywhere. Kinetic band and suspension technology allows KB Duo to be easily mounted from practically anywhere.

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Try these great KB Duo exercises:

The Inverted Row: This exercise is great for strengthening the upper back by testing the deltoids. The exercise will also work the biceps when pulling up.

  • Get in an inline position with the shoulders and hips
  • Hang the KB Duo above head and lean back to expand the straps
  • Grab the KB Duo
  • Lean back all the way to where body is at a 45 degree angle off of the ground or floor and arms are fully extended while holding the handles
  • Pull up keeping elbows in
  • Lower back down and repeat

  • Reverse Fly:

  • Transfer into this exercise from the inverted row
  • Squeeze the shoulders together along with keeping core tight to work the shoulder and upper back
  • Bring the shoulders to a T position holding on to the handles of KB Duo
  • Front Press: This exercise is basically an inclined pushup using KB Duo. The drill is great for people who tend to struggle with pushups and upper body strength. It is also ideal for strong athletes who have no problem with pushups. It is important to keep the body stable to get the full effect.
  • Start at a 45 degree angle with feet spread wide behind you
  • Keep the straps of KB Duo away from the body and perform pushups
  • KB Duo Suspension Trainer is great for all athletes. Training with KB Duo will help improve balance, build muscle, strengthen abs, develop core strength, increase endurance, develop leg muscles, create muscle memory, work the rotator cuffs, build shoulder strength, and much more. So whether you are involved in basketball, football, baseball, softball, weight training, wrestling, MMA, Martial Arts, Kick Boxing, tennis, soccer, rugby, or any other sport, KB Duo is right for you. 

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