Kinetic Bands Speed and Agility Ladder Kit

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Includes a set of Kinetic Bands and Blue 11-Rung Training Ladder

This speed and agility training ladder and resistance bands kit is designed to help athletes improve their footwork, foot speed and quickness, change of direction, body control and balance for their sport.

Adding resistance while performing ladder drills provides maximum benefits and helps to increase speed, endurance, and explosive power while you train.

Perform multiple ladder drills to help improve athletic performance in baseball, basketball, football, soccer, softball, track, or any sport or activity you train for that requires a quick first step.

Quick Step Speed and Agility Ladder

This ladder is 15 feet in length and has 11 rungs. Each rung is 20 inches wide and can be locked into place so that the ladder does not slide or sway while you train. It also comes with a handy travel bag for easy training on the go.

Kinetic Bands®

Our leg resistance bands are a comfortable resistance training tool that you strap on your legs, just above the knees, to activate and strengthen muscles (legs, hips, hip flexors, and core muscles) during physical activity or sport-specific training, including ladder drills. We offer 3 variations/levels so all athletes can maximize their training. Each set includes 4 sets of resistance bands (5 sets with Level 3) with varying resistance levels, a handy mesh travel bag, and athletic stretching strap for post workout stretching.

LEVEL 1: Yellow, Light Blue, Light Green, Grey

Recommended for ages 12 and under

LEVEL 2: Blue, Green, Orange, Red

Recommended for ages 13 and over

LEVEL 3: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red

Recommended for advanced strength athletes

You can use the KB Quick Step Speed and Agility ladder and Kinetic Bands individually, or together for maximum results! While performing ladder drills, we suggest trying a few sets resisted (with resistance bands), then unclip the bands, and try a few sets unresisted (without bands). This will allow the athlete to really feel the benefit of the resistance bands.

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