3 Reasons You Eschew Resistance Training... and How to Discard Those Thoughts

3 Reasons You Eschew Resistance Training... and How to Discard Those Thoughts

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 9th Jul 2019

Many people inadvertently eschew resistance training due to various reasons. Here are 3 common problems that many people, especially women, perceive about resistance training, and some facts to help you understand why resistance training is essential especially in your weight loss plan. 

Problem #1  |  Resistance Training Will Make You Bulk Up

The main reason people, especially women, avoid resistance training, is that there's this notion that this type of training will cause you to bulk up. You want to trim down your weight but you don't want those prominent muscles. 

Relax. Resistance training doesn't make you all bulky. You will definitely get bulky if you put forth the effort in lifting heavy weights and eat high amounts of protein to help maintain your muscle growth. But, you don't really need to do heavy lifting to lose weight. Resistance training, along with a healthy diet will help you lose weight and develop lean muscles which aid in your metabolism, and helps you burn calories.


Problem #2  |  Cardio Workouts Help Burn Calories More Than Resistance Training

Yes, cardio workouts really help you burn more calories than resistance training, however, there's more to resistance training that most of you probably don't know. 

While cardio workouts burn more calories during the activity, resistance training helps to set-up your metabolism and build your muscles, which helps burn more calories even when you are relaxing after your workout or at rest. In short, cardio workout is done to have immediate results in your weight loss plan, however, if you are looking for a long-term goal, resistance training aids in your weight loss plan. Many resistance products can even be used during cardio workouts for an extra burn!

Good news is, you can mix up your cardio workouts with resistance training for optimal results. You'll lose weight and at the same time, maintain your ideal figure.


Problem #3  |  Clueless On Where To Start 

Many of us really want to lose weight or just simply want to maintain a healthy lifestyle but the problem is, most of us don't know where to start. 

Well, you may have read a few articles about resistance training and how to do it properly and with the right type of equipment. Here at Myosource, we believe that starting slowly and with the right gear is the most important factor to consider before diving into all the different types of exercises that you see online. And of course, if you still feel that all the information you see on the internet about resistance training is so overwhelming and confusing, you can always seek out help from professional trainers or coaches that are there to assist you when you're just starting out, and with the right training equipment to use depending on your training plan. 


Final Note

While cardio workouts are helpful in burning more calories quickly, resistance training helps build muscles which is essential in burning more calories even when you're at rest. And if you want to experience optimal results, you can definitely do both. 

Whatever decision you may have in the end, what really matters is that you need to start early and move, regardless of the type of exercise or training you will choose. 

Start early and start now. Book a chat with us and we'll show you how to get started. 

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