High School Football, College Football and ​NFL Injuries Show Athletes Need Proper Training

High School Football, College Football and ​NFL Injuries Show Athletes Need Proper Training

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 23rd Nov 2013

Anyone who avidly follows high school football, college football, professional football, and especially those with a fantasy football team know football player injuries can throw a major wrench in a football season. While injuries are common from year to year, it seems that injury is occurring more frequently. Starting from week 1 of the NFL's football season, professional football players have been sitting the bench because of many sport-related injuries. And as an experienced coach as - I have no doubt that all of these injuries in the NFL are related to lack of proper strength training.

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Strength Training, Interval Training, Speed Training and more - Lessons to Learn from high school football, college football and the NFL

1. Adequate strength training and interval training is needed, regardless of the sport

Whether your kids play football, your teen is involved in high school football - or even if you play on college football – it is important to properly train for athletic competition. So with the fall and winter sports coming up like football, soccer, wrestling, volleyball and basketball - get your kids (or yourself) strength training NOW in order to prevent injury.

2. Proper strength training and interval training with Myosource Ultimate Kinetic Bands / resistance bands is important to avoid injury

I have no doubt that the professional football players of the NFL are always working out and strength training. However, the injuries show me that they do not always perform thorough strength training at the level they really need in order to prevent risk of injury.

3. Train with a program and accountability to avoid sports injury

Even if it is your job to work out and compete athletically, you need a strength training program and the accountability to adequately train. Myosource has trained many high school, college and even professional athletes all over the world with Ultimate Kinetic Bands / resistance bands to push them and give them the proper interval training and strength training. Athletes of all sports are finding that the bands make a difference even after the first use.

Whether you are a beginner or in the NFL, injuries show that strength training and interval training is needed. Whatever level you compete on, make sure that you prepare adequately. You do not want to spend unnecessary time on the bench for an injury you could have prevented by preparing all the muscles for the wear and tear of training and the season. 

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