House of Power - Softball Hitting with the PowerHouse Hitter

House of Power - Softball Hitting with the PowerHouse Hitter

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 1st Feb 2018

Sophia is representing House of Power. She has been working on her middle and right side swing with the PowerHouse Hitter waist attachment. Watch her work toward great results. House of Power has several of power hitters on the same team. Their 12u Athletics team is loaded.

The PowerHouse Hitter, attached at the softball or baseball players waist will distribute and transfer their weight by forcing them to work against the resistance during each swing. The training tool is increasing power to transfer it into the hips, legs and core. The PowerHouse Hitter is lightweight and portable, so softball and baseball players are able to use it anytime or anywhere. The cord(s) can attach to a fence, backstop, or held by another person. This allows baseball or softball hitters to warm-up and train at their convenience.

The objective for hitters using the PowerHouse Hitter is to build acceleration, speed, and power by challenging the muscles to contract and react as they work against the resistance during each swing. Notice in the video above how this softball player is focusing on proper mechanics and form throughout each swing. She is going from a stationary position into an accelerating full body softball swing. The goal is to maximize the results during hitting practice. Make sure that the cord is attached to a secure anchor to maximize results and avoid injury. 

Sophia begins each swing by getting into her stable athletic stance. She is transferring her power up through her legs into the core and out through her arms and hands. Notice how she is maintaining her speed not just at contact with the ball but rather all the way through her swing. She is able to benefit from the resistance from launch – to contact – to full extension and as she follows through. Sophia’s bat speed is consistent and her hips are helping her maintain stability. She is able to pop her hips while maintaining complete body control. The PowerHouse Hitter is helping her training her body control while developing full body swing power.

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