​How to Keep Those Fitness Workout New Year Resolutions - Eat a Healthy Lifestyle and find Motivation to Work Out

​How to Keep Those Fitness Workout New Year Resolutions - Eat a Healthy Lifestyle and find Motivation to Work Out

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 14th Dec 2013

 The new year is here and with it comes the time-tested tradition of resolutions. Many people make health and wellness resolutions and sadly, many people...don't keep them. Gym memberships often soar at the beginning of the year. Dedication and passion runs through the veins at an all time high. Then, weeks or months into the new year, the excitement fades, life happens and the gyms become slowly less busy.

That's why we highly recommend making an investment in a set of Myosource Ultimate Kinetic Bands / resistance bands your fitness goals.

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Once you own Myosource Ultimate Kinetic Bands, here are a few ideas on how to keep those fitness resolutions and make sure you have motivation to workout.

Break Your Resolution Into More Attainable Goals - it so so have to maintain motivation to workout. Often we will hear of resolutions that include substantial weight loss of 30 lbs or more, a workout routine that includes five-days-a-week of religious training. The problem with resolutions many times is they are not attainable and people lose their motivation to workout and eat healthy food. Instead of making a resolution to lose 30 lbs, aim for 2 lbs a week of weight loss for 15 weeks. In just a few short months you will have lost 30 lbs and you will find the motivation to workout and eat healthy food you need every week because your goal is manageable and attainable. The same goes for those who want to maintain motivation to work out during the week. Instead of five-days-a-week, start with Tuesday/Thursday for two months. Then switch to Monday/Wednesday/Friday for two months and build up over the course of six months. Choosing lofty fitness resolutions that do not allow you to find victories along the way are recipes for resolution let downs.

Build In Healthy Rewards  

Once you have set some attainable goals, build in some healthy rewards for reaching milestones along the way. Make sure to keep them "healthy." If your goal is weight loss, a trip to Krispie Kreme is counter productive. If your goal is working out three times a week and on the second week you take two of those days off as a "reward" - that's not productive either and you will lose your motivation to work out. But find those things you can reward yourself with as you accomplish your health and fitness milestones. A new outfit, fitness equipment, movie night, eat healthy food like strawberries, rasberries, other fruit fruit, or get a new book or MP3 file. These rewards will motivate you even amidst times of tiredness, disappointment or lack of motivation to workout.

Get a Workout Buddy

This one might be obvious, but you are actually more likely to continue in your motivation to workout if you have someone to keep you accountable. You might consider finding a personal trainer who can not only motivate you but create workout routines specifically for you. You could also join a gym and enroll in a class that meets for several months. If, like many Americans, you're feeling the effects of an economic slowdown, your best option might be to find a friend, family member or co-worker that has similar fitness resolutions. On the mornings you do not want to head to the gym or the lunch breaks where you would rather stay at your desk, a workout routine buddy can be the difference between keeping a resolution and letting it wilt away.

Find Motivation to Workout Solutions That Work For You

One of the best ways to keep a health and wellness resolution is to find a solution that works for you. Maybe you can't afford a gym membership or find three days of free time to do a 90-minute workout each day. There are a variety of fitness solutions that you can do at home with little cost besides the initial purchase. Myosource Ultimate Kinetic Bands / Resistance band training is an affordable, versatile solution. Using your own body weight in plyometric workouts is another great option as it uses dynamic exercises with varying intensity. Lastly walking at the local mall, outside or even starting some light jogging are all doable. Find the option that works best for you; your schedule and pace of life is key.

Make this new year different and become someone who can keep their health and wellness resolutions. Start small, eat healthy food, reward yourself, get accountability and build motivation to workout that works for you. This time next year, hopefully you will be in the best position to say that you kept your resolution and you are ready to conquer another.

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