Ladder Drills to Improve Speed & Agility

Ladder Drills to Improve Speed & Agility

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 23rd Jul 2019

As mentioned in our previous blog post about agility, there are a variety of training drills that you can do to enhance your speed and agility in any activity that you do, aside from sports. And one popular piece of equipment that athletes and even non athletes use is the agility ladder, also called a speed ladder.

Contrary to what other people believe, the agility ladder is not just for elite or high level athletes. People from all walks of life can use the speed ladder to develop or improve their movements or skills as ladder drills enhance your coordination, balance, footwork, speed, and agility. This type of training drill is fun and the ladder is one of the best sports/fitness tools to amp up your training. 

Benefits of Agility Ladder Drills

Before we dive in to some popular ladder drills, let's first talk about the great things that ladder training could do for your whole physical well-being. Let's take a peek at some of those.

1. Improves your Speed, Agility, and Quickness

When you incorporate ladder drills into your training routine, it can help improve your speed, agility, and quickness whether you're an elite athlete or a fitness newbie. Training to enhance these 3 aspects doesn't only improve your total performance but also level up your fitness workout or whatever type of sport you're training for. 

2. Improves your Mental Acuity

While ladder drills help strengthen your body, they also help improve your focus and concentration. According to research, agility training helps improve cognitive performance. 

3. Great Form of Cardio Workout

Agility ladder drills can help you burn those unwanted calories and get your heart pumping when done the right way. 

Agility Ladder Drills that You Should Try


1. Icky Shuffle

  • Facing the ladder, stand to the left of the first rung.
  • Take a lateral step with your right foot into the first rung then follow with your left foot.
  • Step with your right foot outside of the rung and take a lateral step with your left foot into the next rung and follow with your right foot.
  • Continue until you reach the last rung of the ladder and repeat the steps.


2. Lateral Quick Steps

  • Stand with the ladder on your right and face toward the ladder.
  • Step with one foot into each rung as fast as you can.
  • Repeat the process in the opposite direction.


3. In and Out

  • Start with both feet outside the ladder.
  • Step inside the ladder with both feet alternating in and out from each rung.
  • Continue until you reach the end and repeat the same process backwards.


4. Carioca

  • Stand on the right side of the ladder.
  • Move across the ladder sideways with your lead foot in the first rung.
  • Then cross-step, alternating your right the left foot. 
  • Continue moving while focusing on hip rotation and footwork.


Final Note

These are just some of the suggested ladder drills that you can do to improve on your speed and agility. You can add this to your training for quicker results. You can also incorporate leg resistance bands (Kinetic Bands®) with your ladder drills, it will give you the total body workout that you'll really love. 

Check out our product selection and get started with your speed and agility training today! If you have more questions or need additional information, you can just connect with us through chat or email. 

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