Softball / Baseball Hitting Drills with Power House Hitter Training Tool - Add Resistance to Each Swing

Softball / Baseball Hitting Drills with Power House Hitter Training Tool - Add Resistance to Each Swing

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 2nd Jun 2017

What is your favorite baseball or softball hitting drill?  The Power House Hitter is an incredible power development tool for all softball and baseball hitters to use during a hitting drill. This innovative training system will help hitters become more explosive, balanced, stable and confident to attack the ball. Power House Hitter is easy to use with the adjustable waist belt and the resistance bands cords that attach to the waist and the leg.

Often during softball drills and baseball hitting drills a player will swing with just their upper body, which limits their power.  The resistance of the Power House Hitter forces them to use their hips, glutes, thighs and legs to swing through and become more explosive at the plate.  If a softball or baseball player is already using their lower body, hips and core to hit then the Power House Hitter will help build greater muscle to become even more powerful and make things happen at the plate.

Softball and Baseball players need power and explosive strength at the plate.  Notice in the video how this softball player’s stance is stable and balanced and the resistance in each movement is activating the lower body and core muscles.  When a hitter is off balance and does not use their lower body and hips to swing they are not utilizing their full power potential.  The lower body transfers the power up through the core and then through the upper body to blast the ball.  The Power House Hitter forces the hitter to use their lower body, hips and core for improved rotation and enables them to transfer their power up the body and through the hands.Notice how the softball hitter in this video is forced to keep her weight to her back leg.  This is where her power begins the transfer all the way up through her hands to blast the softball.

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