Softball Players  and Baseball Players | How to get faster | Kinetic Bands Resistance Training

Softball Players and Baseball Players | How to get faster | Kinetic Bands Resistance Training

Posted by Myosource Kinetic Bands on 16th Sep 2016

Want to make an Impact on your softball or baseball team??  Get FASTER...

The NUMBER ONE skill that I get asked to teach is SPEED.. I hear this all the time - I want to personally get fast or a coach saying they want their team to get faster. Coaches continuously say they need their softball and baseball players to be able to accelerate quicker, have a faster jump off the bag, more domination on the bases, faster in the first few steps, just need to be quicker and running mechanics need to improve because they are slow..  I have heard all of these statements, in fact they are pretty typical. A softball player or a baseball players ability to get fast is one of the most impactful skills a player can have.   A softball player or a baseball player that is a threat on the base path changes the entire momentum of a game.

So how do softball players and baseball players become faster?   It's so easy it's stupid, really.   They learn better mechanics.  Some baseball players and softball players are just blessed with great speed mechanics but everyone can learn how to get faster and improve their speed mechanics even the elite athlete. A few of these speed mechanics include how to properly accelerate, how to change direction quick and balanced, to lean forward, the proper knee drive and arm swing, as well as maintaining balance and stability.

How to move effortlessly: Softball players and baseball players must know how to mechanically move.  The video above shows some great skills drills to teach stride, quick foot movement, how to recruit the correct muscle groups and allow them to fire, using the hips to create power and drive as well as angles.  Myosource Kinetic Bands are what we use to teach a push and pull throughout the body.   It helps players understand what muscle groups they should be recruiting. Want to make big changes in your game?  The key is to get faster. Get your Myosource Kinetic Bands at and get started. Use promo code BLOG15 for a 15% discount on your order.

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